Golf Swing Weight Shift – Video Golf Lesson by Herman Williams Golf

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Golf swing weight shift explained in this video golf lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Pro in North Carolina. The golf swing weight shift is largely misunderstood amongst amateur golfers. In this online video golf lesson, Herman reveals how most golfers have the wrong concept of weight shift which results in casting with an over the top golf swing and a high, weak slice. Look for the article that goes with this video and other golf training videos and articles at

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Adam Hall says:

Hey herman I started to do the reverse k at setup with all my clubs and in
the backswing. Like you showed in the video but I noticed I fell the club
whips inside easier and I started to hit the ball on the heel and everynow
again the hosel.. is that just in my head ? Thanks

mrserv0n18 says:

I hit my shots so high and short and this helped me so much, Its something
hard to describe to someone and you nailed it, thanks

gmonkey808 says:

This took me a while to get my head around. Always swayed right in error.
My ass (left cheek) is almost acting as a counterweight on the transfer to
the right leg on downswing. Is that the right feeling?

mallorypmm says:

Herman is one of the best teachers on you tube or the internet if you ask
me. he is able to break each technique down and explain it effectively and
simply. I have basically learned how to play golf from watching his videos.
Thanks SO much Herman!!!!! Hermanize us!!!! lol

Herman Williams Golf says:

@yengwenli Yes, it does clear more space but is not the only benefit or
reason for doing it. Shifting improves downward strike thru ball – get your
center left of ball on iron shots for good divots. Don’t need more bump on
longer club unless wider stance. With no bump, unless you have Tour quality
flexibility, when the hips clear most people will also turn the torso &
hands/club go over the top. Casting then occurs to catch up in time to hit
the ball, otherwise you may go around or over the ball

Tom Donnelly says:

Herman – you have an amazing gift for being able to break down the golf
swing so that the beginner can really understand what you are trying to
teach. Too many “teachers” seem to have forgotten just how clueless us
newbies are when it comes to the correct way to swing a golf club. Thanks
for all the great videos that truly are instructive and very helpful to the
hungry beginning golfer!

gmonkey808 says:

great video. Thanks. Liverpool UK

Herman Williams Golf says:

Perfect … couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for commenting. – Herman

Uriel Ortega says:

Again, you a saved my game, you are the only instructor that can explain
important golf techniques for amateurs like me effectively Please tell me
if I understand this correctly,I bump for weight transfer, my back should
be to the target, drop club in to the slot and then clear hips which in
turn leads the upper body? Thank you for your awesome videos and
instruction, I enjoy all of them!

Herman Williams Golf says:

@td1138 Glad I could help. Yeah the language alone in our sport is pretty
tough to follow for a newbie and the positions you have to get in are often
worse. Easy to get lost. Thanks for commenting … glad you found the
videos helpful and easy to follow. Stay tuned & tell your friends to
favorite, follow and subscribe. Herman

G Sai says:

Herman, so, the “bump” is for clearing more space for the club coming down
the slot? does that mean the longer the club, the more the needing of the
“bump”? what if there is no bump with just turning of hip to start
downswing; would that be easier to go over the top/casting? thanks Herman

Tuck1030 says:

Like this guy I’m from Herman so I already was Hermanized!!!

Herman Williams Golf says:

@cockywatchman1976 The quick answer is I like “stack” without too much
“tilt.” I’m a fan of most of the system but I like the spine leaning away
from target throughout swing. You can have your spine lean away from target
with weight on your left side though. In general I like one-plane swings
without lateral movement in backswing but a decent weight shift and hip
clearing on forward swing. It varies with body type and athleticism as to
what different people can achieve and feel comfortable with.

FairwayJack says:

I like that “backing into the target” thought… I’ll try it..thx!

Herman Williams Golf says:

You’ve got it perfect … good luck. – Herman

qdE uä says:

Great video, how I explain it is that you want some lateral hipmovement to
start the dowswing after that you just want to get rid of your left hip,
the left hip moves backwards in the dowswing not in beginning though, it’s
kinda similiar to what the right hip is doing in the backswing, it moves
backwards and try to add some depth in the right hip in the backswing so
you can lower in the backswing, it feels like you are sitting down you want
the same feeling in the forwardswing it’s like a squat.

Herman Williams Golf says:

@yengwenli Good question. Right handed golfer will bump or shift toward
target and left hip will be higher than right hip. Therefore as the hips
unwind there is a slight tilt similar to swing plane angle but not
identical. By the time you complete the finish the hips are level again.

gmonkey808 says:

Yes sorry Herman I meant backswing. This lesson is fantastic. Anyone who
slides hips wrong will be prone to chunks and thins on pitch shots even
crashing. I now feel as though it is impossible to stop on a pitch shot and
i would seriously choke on them with my old move. No more. Thanks again.
Wish you were in UK!

Joseph Wilson says:

Man you have NOOO idea how much this video helped me. Every one I’ve talked
to and every video I’ve seen about weight shift has simply told me to clear
my hips. All that does is gets me locked up and prevents me from achieving
any substantial weight shift. I actually think your method is what nearly
all non-tour players (including golf pros) do, but I think that other
instructors don’t want to admit that their completely effective swing is
not “textbook perfect.” Who cares; works just fine!

IceKellymoore says:

Great video

rssuttle says:

Just watched about 8 of the videos. I learned something from everyone of
them. You speak clearly and are able to demonstrate so anyone can
understand. Thanks. I will be at the range for a few weeks to put into
place your instructions. Golfing for 10yrs and no one told me that my grip
may be causing an issue ( enter locking fingers). I learn more in 40mins
watching you then I did in 6 lessons working with my local pro. Thanks I
will be telling my friends

Herman Williams Golf says:

@tflinn22 It’s true that can happen, but most ams clear & hang back. It’s
also possible to let your entire torso move with the lateral movement of
the legs so there is no change of angle – I describe it as backing into the
target. You literally have your back facing the target as your whole body
shifts. However a slight increase in spine tilt is not always bad. It
encourages a shallower attack angle with an inside approach – a very good
thing for most amateurs who slice or need more distance.

Herman Williams Golf says:


tflinn22 says:

I’m seeing alot of people saying that you are just supposed to clear with
no lateral movement. The lateral movement increases your spine angle at
impact from address, which I’ve seen decreases accuracy and consistency.
What do you think?

Herman Williams Golf says:

I’m not sure I understand “transfer to the right leg in downswing.” Did you
mean backswing or “transfer to left leg on downswing”? I think you’ve got
it but I always want to be clear that we’re on the same page.

Paul Sarich says:

I agree with every one else Herman , you have nailed it for me with this
video . Thanks .

Kevin Marmet says:

Good video. I was confused on weight shift. Got it now. Thanks!

Herman Williams Golf says:

Glad you got it. – Herman

G Sai says:

@hermanwilliamsgolf Herman, should the hip be unwind during downswing
parallel to the ground, or to the swing plane?

Herman Williams Golf says:

@yengwenli Yes it does clear more space but is not the only benefit or
reason for doing it. Shifting improves downward strike thru ball – get your
center left of ball on iron shots for good divots. Don’t need more bump on
longer club unless wider stance. With no bump, unless you have Tour quality
flexibility, when the hips clear most people will also turn the torso &
hands/club go over the top. Casting then occurs to catch up in time to hit
the ball, otherwise you may go around or over the ball.

Theclassiccarnut says:

very good video

56dlp says:

The bump (Lateral shift) is very important. It enables you to impact the
ball right before the very bottom of the swing arc. Not only will it help
you hit the ball straight, but it will make the ball “Check-up” when it
lands on the green because you are now hitting downward on it. Without the
bump, you risk impacting the ball AFTER the bottom of the arc. If this
happens, you will pull your shots and get draws and hooks.

themroskarproduction says:

hi herman thanks for the great tips, please rate my junior golf swing 🙂

M Uysal says:

Herman great insight & information, thank you for these videos. Your video
and commentary on the Master’s Practice Rounds make a lot more sense than
network talking heads who sound like commercialized cyborgs saying very
little. You should be up there making the big bucks but unfortunately you
will have to sell your soul and become one of their robots. I believe in
free enterprise but profit without a moral compass corrupts absolutely.
Maybe less is more. Stay the course.

Eric Larson says:

WOW, awesome video! I’m guilty of “rocking” backwards as I rotate my hips
on the back swing. I’ve never had the weight shift explained to me in this

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