Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

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In this tip I follow up on the first tip I did called Effortless Golf Swing. In it, I showed how easy I could swing yet generate some serious power. After I posted it, there were some people who commented on the video saying the launch monitor was not accurate etc.

See my Effortless Golf Swing tip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwpdkuC3H_k

After seeing these comments I decided to do this follow up. This time I have one of my students hit a few shots using his real swing. Then I hit shots with my easy swing again. In doing so you can see the comparison between my easy swing and his normal swing and what power I can generate.

Now there is no doubting or second guess the fact that if you swing easy you can generate just as much if not more power than trying to hit hard with your arms.

After you watch this tip immediate start to lighten up your arms when you swing. Hit some easy shots with a feeling of nothing. Once you hit it half decently, increase only the speed of your body rotation to hit the ball farther.

Into the future use your legs to hit the ball not your arms. If you do you will save your body plus you will play the best golf of your life.

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campdry says:

Great tip thanks

earningnutria says:

having the proper wrist hinge isnt a tip, its what youre supposed to have

Paul S Kwon says:

Hey firstly thanks. I have been changing my out in swing with a golf
instructor for last three months. Even had a very expensive video lesson
with former PGA pro. Before the lessons I occassionally hit 230m or so with
my 10.5 deg driver but inconsistently hence the reason for the lesson in my
search to be a single handicapper. The lessons that focused on backswing
and downswing helped a little with the smoothness of my swing but nothing
that I can take to the course. My driver distance was going down to about
200-210m in the meantime.
I had one look at your video this morning before going out for my weekly
round and I was booming them 250m straight down the fairway by the end of
the round (last three holes definitely). I did have to aim bit to the
right. So a 50m distance improvement after just one bleary eyed look at
your 10min video.
Obviously other aspects of my swing was working well and it just needed
your input re legs but still amazing. You should be congratulated. Paul S
Kwon, Sydney, Australia.

sledge1960 says:

This, in my humble opinion, is one of the best golf instruction videos on
YT. Once you’ve got a good grip and setup this will get you enjoying the
game. I’ve been working with the Pro after serious wrist injury and this is
what he’s been trying to instil in me. Thanks Paul, great stuff.

jerskii says:

loosening wrist would encourage snapping, flipping, early release… How’d
you overcome that?

Hieu Dinh says:

I like ths video very much.
Clear, precise and excellent information.
Thanks for taking the time to build this vids, Paul.

hardcoremofo says:

lol. I just did 2000 of that wrist move. Works but definitely sore now.

Matt Cody says:


Mike Jenkins says:

Best lesson on getting a faster swing speed on Youtube!..because you see a
mid-handicapper actually doing it!…the rest are just professional golfers
posing in front of a camera, teaching you nothing ultimately!

Ranbhere Rihal says:

Hi Paul Great tip could not wait to get out on the range to try this out
with some good results, will have to do this regularly from now on. Thanks 

Tim Smith says:

Realize this is a very old video but I saw a kid doing this in Asia. I
mimicked him and it worked well. Now I see your video, it’s the same
idea. Great reinforcement for me. Thanks.

L Ting says:

Thanks for the useful tips!!

Brian Wilber says:

I have your Swing Machine Golf video series, Paul. My average score went
from 100+ to mid eighties. I no longer slice, and in fact now have the
ability to shape shots any direction I want. I don’t have extreme
distance, but I have a better scorecard than most of the people I play with
because of you. Thank you, you kept me from walking away from this game.
To anyone watching this video and wondering if it really works, I implore
you to just try it. When you get the hang of it, and that shot splits the
fairway, I guarantee, you’re hooked.

Dennis Law says:

Nice video…you remind me of why I love to go follow the woman pros
because they swing so easy.

Alan says:

Thanks Paul, look forward to implementing your advice! I’m sure it will
result in improved swing speed & distance. Miss your instruction on

Mahavishnu80 says:

paul should get an award for services to golf or something. if I’m ever in
Vegas ill take a lesson.

Nontapat Rushtasomboon says:

Thank you for this wonderful tip!!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thanks. Glad you liked it. Nice LP.

joru100 says:

2 years of golf lessons as a teen never helped my drive. Watched this video
and my drives literally went from about 250 to 280-290 overnight. Thank you
so much.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Not sure why your stance was very close together. I certainly don’t promote
this. With a normal stance it should not take you that long to gain
balance. Just keep at it.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Yes you only have one swing.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

This is because you are trying to hit the ball with the hands and arms. The
hard you hit, the tighter they get, the more open the clubface. You need to
let them roll over by loosening up. I like people to roll the wrists over
from the top of the backswing down and through impact. This gets it
hooking. Once they person can do this they straighten it out by adding
lower body. Check out my site Ignition Golf dot come for more tips on this.

Glenn Scott says:

Thanks Paul for this excellent lesson and drill. It was the missing piece
for my swing. Everything about my swing was smooth and effortless except
for the wrists…too much tension and as for the hips…. so much more
speed. I will NEVER be a long ball hitter but I’ve gained more yards
because of this clip. It is my new preshot routine. Playing to a 6 last
year, I’m sure to lower ot now. Thanks for your insight!

Martin Jaslow says:

Hi Paul, I’m 75 and had my speed swing analyzed today and it was 55 mph. I
am an 18 handicap. Used to be able to hit a 7 iron 145 yards. I’ve had both
knees replaced last year and have just started to play golf again. Watched
your video on Youtube as to how to increase swing speed as was impressed
with your tips about keeping the wrists loose and to fire the hips. Plan to
try these tips tomorrow and hopefully will find some success in increasing
my swing speed. Thanks.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

only legs that can touch are severely bowed legs. To get it just throw some
balls overhand out in front of you will a 7 iron stance. If you so they
will touch perfectly. This is the move you need in your swing.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

You are shifting your weight to the forward leg too fast. If your upper
body tilts left in the downswing you will hit it left. You need to fire the
lower body but in doing so your upper body should be staying behind the

Ball Striker says:

I’ll try this. Excellent drill 🙂

robbie belford says:

does this loose wrist action apply to all golf clubs thanks

David Bergsma says:

What a great lesson Paul. Thank you.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Typically when people hit irons they try to hit down on the ball. Hitting
down occurs through the right fundamentals not from purposely hitting down.
Focus on the looseness in the wrists as well as coiling and uncoiling the
body and you should be fine.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

I’m very tight and have never been able to get to 90 degrees. So it just
shows you that you can still generate lots of power with limited turn. I am
really driving my legs hard to get this plus I have a good lag angle. Turn
back as much as you can turn back with a stable base. Don’t go more than
you can go. Check out my Ignition Golf website. I have tons of tips on this

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Glad you liked it. Yes, you need loose arms and forearms. This is all part
of it. Maybe didn’t stress it in this one.

Grenville Duce says:

Thanks Paul -will go and sign-up to your new site.

kausmile says:

Thanks Paul, excellent tip and video! Do you like the swing speed radar
with tempo or is the tempo not needed?

MrUcquality says:

are the hips and arms coming around together or do you start driving with
your hips first?

Rocky Delareto Sr says:

Very good.

En-Huei Joe says:

Paul, Your technique really works for me – loose wrists to promote the
whipping action upon impact. I am used to “weak grip” – I feel that this
would somewhat impede the whipping action. Then I experiment with “strong
grip” – this would promote whipping action better – I get longer distance.
Is it correct that strong grip is better for whipping action ??? Thanks !!!

David Mclaughlin says:

Thank you Paul, great tips!

Jackie Bee says:

Paul, thanks again for this follow up video. I have been working on the
looser swing and have now been concentrating on my hip turning to increase
the swing speed. This is amazing stuff. Thank you for this. This is gold
Jerry… Gold (Seinfeld)

BombTechGolf says:

Loose!! Hard to do when you are swing fast, but very true!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

That’s great news. Just keep at it and you will even more amazed.

SuperGillinghamfc says:

will try next time at the range. seems very simple. nice vid

Paul Wilson Golf says:

These are doppler radar and need to be licensed. At present, they are not
available in AUS.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Exactly, As soon as you put a ball in front of someone they want to hit it
which tightens them up. I am never trying to hit anything. I know it will
be hit if I make the move.

Roy Gilley says:

Paul – Comparing Pat’s 93 mph swing with your 97 mph swing at the point in
the downswing where the hands are just off the right hip, you’ve retained
about 45* more “lag”. That, IMO, is the difference. I do the same darn
thing as Pat. Our brains are telling us we’ve got to get the head of the
club moving down if we expect to make contact. What the heck can we do? Roy

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work.

Michael Hoyos says:

I actually use this method not for swing speed, but to straighten out my
drive. I started loosening the wrists and throwing my hands at the ball and
all of the sudden my slice disappeared!

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