Golf Swing: Why You Need Hip Rotation

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This video defines hip rotation.

ThePlane golf swing is not a quick fix golf technique. It is a system, beginning at address, that simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing – impact.

Starting at address on two planes where the arms hang straight down at address, the Conventional golf swing is complicated. Because the arms are hanging straight down, a conventional golfer must lift the body into impact creating stress on the back.

This upward movement to accommodate the two planes is unnecessary.

The Single Plane Golf swing simplifies the golf swing by eliminating the need for the upward movement by starting and impacting on the same plane.

8 thoughts on “Golf Swing: Why You Need Hip Rotation

  1. keeping that right foot down at impact has been the hardest part, as i was an old school, left leg straight, jump up at it, swinger. almost got it nailed.

  2. Data. Information. Knowledge. REAL. Show the numbers. Interpret their meaning. Define their utility. Reproduce the motion and achieve the effect. The model is there to provide a way to the "Feeling of Greatness". Thanks.

  3. Todd I have learned to open my hips during my swing by following your program for a year and a half now. I used to turn my shoulders and hips way touch with my old swing. But since my spinal fusion(bicycle accident),and following your program and videos by turning my hips as part of the sequence my irons shots fly very straight now,I’m not pulling them left and over rotating. God bless moe

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