GOLF: The Best Drill I've Ever Seen To Shallow Your Downswing

The Best Drill I’ve Ever Seen To Shallow Your Downswing

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If you've seen our latest video on Three Drills To Shallow Your Downswing, this was one within those three. But the drill is so good that we wanted to make sure we did a separate video. If you set this station up properly, it HAS to work.

I put an alignment rod in the ground so that the only way for you to miss the stick is if the club head is approaching the ball from the inside. If you're someone who comes too far over the top, you're going to run into the stick. I've also got it setup in a position where it doesn't allow me to come into the ball very vertically. That works the angle of attack and widens out the bottom of your arc – you won’t come into the ball so super narrow. It’s a common fundamental of really good ball striking. So, this drill is a two-for-one.

To set this station up, I take my club and measure roughly two grip lengths behind the golf ball. This is where I’ll position the stick. I have the stick angled in the ground about a grip and a half in the air. From the down the line perspective, I'm setting up the edge of the stick about halfway between the golf ball and my foot or about equal distance between my ball target line and my foot.

When doing this drill, I feel distinctly – and I want you to feel – club head and shaft. You're not so much feeling body motions. I feel like the club head is working on a wider circle so my arms or hands are staying away from my body and not getting real narrow. I really feel the club head working low to the ground and I also have a sense that the club head is more inside my hands and normal.

You are not setting this up, putting a golf ball in and swinging at 100% speed right away. You’re probably swinging at a tee. I'll put a tee in the ground and I'm going to clip the tee with a swing that's super short and slow. Your only intention and priority is missing the stick during the downswing.

From there, I'm probably going to hit short chip shots like a hundred yards at most just to feel the club head working underneath and shallow. I might hit balls like that for like a week before I'm going into half three quarter full swings. The point of this is supposed to be overly shallow. You don't need to hit these perfectly.


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12 thoughts on “GOLF: The Best Drill I've Ever Seen To Shallow Your Downswing

  1. Don't you want to be shallow at transition, yet at halfway down, the club steepens into the ball… so would that drill setup possibly show some steepness into the ball as a fault, yet that actually might be correct?

  2. Great drill Eric, I think I am unintentionally cheating by early extension as I am to still be able to strike the ball and not seeing a shallowing in the downswing. Any advise on how to adapt the drill to prevent cheating?

  3. Not a great drill imo Eric. The problem with this is the player will often pull his arms down and minimize rotation to miss the stick.
    So, they will still "steep" with closed shoulders through the ball. If we combine it with some other must-dos, rotation to "open" for example, it has some utility.
    But iby itself, if the player doesn't understand critical other things it can really be a problem to unwind the damage.
    Particularly the pulling the arms down habit. As you know, I like your stuff and approach in general, but this one, I can't agree with you on.

  4. G'day mate, Love the drill and have been working on it every day. I find that I am now cheating and not hitting the stick be getting me hands deep behind me. Which makes the shaft steep then extending/high hands at impact. Any Ideas to combat this? Thanks again for all of your help!

  5. Wow, a great freaking drill! I've just been setting it up like a little separate practice station at the range…make a few swings, then step away and hit a few shots, go back and repeat as needed. Seriously, transformative, I should probably send you a check?

  6. It works. Bit frustrating at first, I found trying to hit the ball on the lower right part of the ball helped me with this drill. I found it easier to do with 7 or 8 iron but difficult to do with driver, so I’m still a work in progress. Like the flight of the ball and right to left action I get. Also solid contact with a shallow divot with an inside out path. I’ve been doing this drill for at least an hour a day 3 or 4 days a week on the range for three weeks and it’s really improved my overall game….great drill.

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