Golf Top Ranked Junior Whats In The Bag – Davis Evans Updated

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Jack ALBERTSON says:

I live in Tennessee but went down to Arizona to play golf and I played at whirlwind

justin morris says:

um the gum smacking

Leo Wright says:

What’s his handicap

Dan Porter Golf says:

playing with blades, boy must be good

DaGoofSta says:

3 years davis looks way older but your videos are the same low quality..

JacksonBerger says:

Sorry, but I looked at the Junior Rankings and Davis is *219. Regardless Im sure he is a great golfer, but not top ranked

ReggieWHUFC says:

Such a good looking swing, he hits it's pureeeee

Jackson Thomas says:

What irons?

Jake Riley says:

Is he sponsored

Kody LaGuire says:

holy shit he's only 5'6" and hits it that far

JensenPGATourDriven says:

Awesome Vid Guys . Any Yardagebook Tips

Everything Bros 77 says:

What ball does he play??

ChrisPanny 6969 says:

amazing how in 2 years he is so much more mature and composed rly cool to see keep it up

Dan Nicho says:

Stay off the meth pipe

Jeremy Holt says:

Looks like a nice kid. Where is he the top ranked player? State, county?

Chase Blanton says:

I just watched a video from 2 years ago of you and him doing a course vlog before the junior world championships and Davis looks so different and older and grown up. Also love the videos!!

Sully Films says:

Dang his swing is amazing

Kacee Hamilton says:

What ball does he play

Caddiesense says:

Is Davis even sure those are his clubs and bag? Doesn't sound like he knows anything about the clubs he's playing. LOL No wonder he's so damn good. He spends more time practicing and playing and doesn't get all stuck on club specs. Sounded like he said he lets his clubfitter worry with all that stuff.

corey tew says:

so is he sponsored by ping? or is that just the type of club he prefers?

Tristan An says:

oml, Davis looks so different than the og what's in the bag, with him wow,

bfinley 3 says:

Who else loves watching gabe do videos with davis

Blake L says:

Is Davis sponsored by Ping?

Andrew Kibbee says:

The new Ping G400 line is coming out Monday. Wonder if Davis will change to any of that stuff?

Kyle Fairbanks says:

Great video Gabe!

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