1975 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Johnny Penso says:

1:14 The other day I was commenting on Jack vs. Tiger and mentioned how many more major winners Jack had to face from major to major. At this point in the video you see a leaderboard with 10 players on it with a combined 31 majors between them. Every player but one has won a major.

Justin English says:

Playing golf with blades in 1975 at this level is an eye opener…..and under par!? Just had my Mizuno TP-9`z re-gripped…..sand paper next for me old driver and 3 wood

radar0412 says:

Trevino wearing Black and Red?! I hope he got Tiger's consent!

Steven Verb says:

After hearing Weiskopf talk about this Masters in more recent years, sitting in Butler Cabin after what transpired must have been a sickner for him. He admits he was never the same after this.

radar0412 says:

Man! Tom Watson spent a lot of cash on hole 16. He'd make it up soon enough.

D S says:

Players had more character, everyone and his brother did not need to walk around with a little white Nike cap on, like a puppet bowing to the Gods of $$.

D S says:

Ah, the capless era, how true, how wonderful, no Nike hats, no drunk fans screaming "get in the hole", or "get in the water".

Christopher Hagee says:

This was 1st Masters golf tournament that great Vin Scully called for CBS-TV Network. He'd call this prestigious tournament for each, next 7 straight yrs. (1976 thru 1982)

Steve Fowler says:

Arnie got robbed on 12.

Steve Fowler says:

Tom Weiskopf doesn't get much publicity these days as one of the greats, but man did he have a near perfect golf swing…just beautiful.

23v0lv32 says:

in the days of all black caddies

David Geraci says:

Not sure about the putting stances though, they look like they are ready to keel over and die lol

Steve Folsom says:

So the caddies are all a bunch of black dudes (and smoking cigarettes, lol)..did the golfers have personal caddies back then or were they randomly assigned at each tournament? Ii just watched the U.S. Open today and it is striking how short all the clubs were back then, everyone all hunched over, looking rather awkward, although I must say the shots are magnificent. On the other hand those greens look rather flat compared to what I have been seeing in the more recent tournaments.

udubidub says:

some job this

ZULU Gaming says:

Everything in the world has to be a comparison instead of us enjoying things for what they are

A-Frame-Wedge says:

Terrible TV coverage showing Nicklaus’s doing nothing in the fairway on 15, while Johnny Miller is hitting the flagstick with his 3rd shot on 14. Weiskopf folded after Nicklaus made the long putt on 16, Weiskopf‘s mental game was his weak point.

abe villanueva says:

Frank Broyles! Arkansas football head coach!

wordpressobsessed says:

In 1975, every caddie at the Master's was African-American. 2018 Master's, all caddies are white. What happened?

MrAJR76 says:

A fantastic back nine. As a kid I had a video with highlights of this Masters – great to be able to watch the full live coverage of it!

Nick Cordaro, Jr. says:

This is borderline HD for golf footage from the 70s.

billy38010 says:

Thanks, I've never seen this,….even though, it's quite a famous Masters,…where Jack, Leaves "Bear Tracks,"…..all over the 16th Green,….Cheers!

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