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It's time to hit the links.
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Comment “that's a resilient chicken boy!”

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Destroyer 800006 says:

great video plese keep making more

Poke Guy says:

You dont know the struggle if you've never had to hold your charger acertain way for it to work

Jamie Polson says:

I love the way that Cody says Chicken smacker at 5:01!!

Nathan Hasson says:

dude perfect is the best

Allan Bautista says:

your awesome Tyler

INFERNOsoccer Skillz says:

was he trying to hit the glass without shattering it??

Michllel Stewart says:

Will you videos on friday

Tricky Fox says:

Yay your the best I am gonna try to be like u

Kiwi LOL says:

Can you make more videos more often

Vance Hanson says:

What happens to the ding

Lower Class says:

Ty: what a perfect lie
Moves the ball to actual desired position

Bautista Garcia says:

dude perfec soy de Argentina Tucumán es la provincia donde vivo me regalan pelotas y una bolsa de golf??

Brayden Robinson says:

Hole in one

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