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The Average Golfer says:

Best video I have ever seen on your channel Liam!! my advice get a new partner cos that lad that looks like Phelan was rubbish.

Great day plenty of fun and all in good humour, cant wait for the next one.

Paul Brown says:

Oh wow Hawkstone i live 5 minutes away, didn't realise you'd been there Liam. Enjoyed it.

kordelic says:

My American golf mates if you want a bit more comedy turn the closed captioning on lol

William Blackburn says:

These are my favorite golf videos by far, because most of us average golfers can relate to them like myself. I don't think Iv'e seen better lies in the rough than you guys get.

eddie best 1951 says:

I played Hawkstone a couple of years ago loved it

dave watts says:

In around 1975/6 went on a society day at Hawkstone but had my leg in plaster so could not play. So was watching a young man chipping into his umbrella in the rain. Went into the proshop to buy a club ball marker and remarked to the pro how dedicated the lad was,practicing in the rain. Yes he said that's my son Alexander the pros name Mr Lyle that's whatcyou need to d

John Aspinall says:

What happened to part 2?

Larry Murdock says:

For me, Liam, it’s just as much fun to watch you and your mates play as it is to watch world-class pros on the TV. But you hand us a lot more laughs. And display joy in the greatest of games! Three cheers!

Donex says:

As I've said once before, do these bandits take us for fools? It's insulting that they think we don't notice? Don't they realize we play with true 14 markers? and true single figure markers? and true 20+ handicappers. It's not that difficult to place people in a handicap range by just the way they play and what sort of shots they can pull off regularly. I'm so over em. CHEATS!!!!!!

MrP 101 says:

looking forward to you vlogs. Have fun, enjoy the bars

Hitchslap says:

Another "blah blah blah" golfer. Can you not shut up for just 10 seconds whilst people take their shot?

Gary Mullins says:

Hi Liam. been away on work few days. catching up with vlogs. Old Man Pat vlog , what a player and a gent. (keep it in play and killer short game, lesson for us all). Your just keeping this game together. I remember the milky bar kid. he was a nice little cowboy. who would have thought he would grow up to be a right Bandit. ( over to Andy's channel the milky bars might be on you? ) couple of great vlogs pal.

Tony Leigh says:

Oops, sorry,, meant Andy. Can't wait to see the continuation of the match!

Billy McTaggart says:

laughed my ass off brilliant ??

Cresser D says:

Have spread the word here down South about your A1 at Lloyds videos – Irish looks a right Pancho Villa.


The championship course is nice but I like the Hawkstone course better, more natural

alan hunter says:

Playing off the yellows was it ladies day lol

Tony Leigh says:

Come on Ali!

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