[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 026: LET THE LEGS LEAD!

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Blake F says:

Aimee this video solves a great mystery for me. I have had lots of instructors tell me to rotate my hips in the downswing and the only positive result was a fade/cut. Which I hated. The idea of controlling the downswing with that move from the right core is the magic move for me – after many years of trying to find it and thousands of dollars in instruction. Thanks!

Stefan Geiger says:

Aimee….! You're videos are amazing. Focusing on just one single movement – including exercises (for the living-room and the range) are great. In addition with your fitness-tipps – they're unique. Even as a single-handicaper they're valuable. Please go ahead! I'm pretty sure you will improve the game of so many golfers. Me included.

Thim Akin says:

Great video. I've finally understood how to rotate my hips. Can't wait to try at the range. Thank you.

Antonin Lerouge says:

Good exercice et pretty music …
What means i.t. band ?

Brummiebutler says:

Aimee your vids are awesome.. please keep um coming xx

Joe Halpin says:

Hi Aimee, I've have been told from more than one PGA and LPGA instructor that I don't turn my hips to start the swing back to the ball and I have more of a slide than a turn. The result is a club path that is extremely inside out with the club more finishing more up and down than over my left shoulder.. Do you think this drill would work for me? If not do you have one that does? Thanks for all your videos and I can't wait for your web page to get going…

ron greco says:

When I hit balls with this technique sometimes my left knee bend.

ron greco says:

Great excersize

golfmaniac007 says:

you can take these moves nightclubbing!

John Brown says:

You are so fine Amy…

Anja Papke says:

Hey Aimee, wow! Good work. This is the first time I tried to start with the back and left hip to get into the
backswing – not turning the right side and shoulders first (a new feeling).

Could you please explain, if the push with the right hand is to the left and upwards or just to the left (lateral). (Maybe the
left hip seems to be higher – after the push but before you turn -, because you straighten your left leg.)
Thank you!

Paul Williamson says:

I love these and recommend to others, but I was captivated with this one….watched it over and over and over.

john mccarron says:

does the left hip turn when you post up on the front leg?
videos are great very informative.
can we have one on shaping shots please?

함인식 says:

You always gives a simple and effective lessons to me, and I personally like your lessons best. !!!!!!! Thanks Aimee!

Louie Palumbo says:

Great Balance and Strength Drills For Any Player of Any Handicap…Like it

firstsergeantallen says:

Great video Aimee

Yap Mun Kheong says:

wait with patient and finally !

Olivier Marcotte says:

Hi Aimee,
Good video as always but I do prefer when you are talking instead of typography :).
Great video still but it seem more clear when you show us.

It still helped me a lot thanks !

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