[Golf with Aimee] Driver Lesson 001- Slice No More!

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Dryfield3 says:

Very good, I have bin working with all your lessons now for 3 months, and slowly slowly I am getting better.

Tony Walker says:

The most practical tutor on golf I have seen. Had lessons and not one professional has ever mentioned any of this. I still don't get it perfect. Im left-handed so it either works and goes dead straight or when it doesn't quite work I hit it left but it is still relatively a straight hit without the big curve. Aimee is definitely correct about swishing the club. Before hit any drive now I take a full swing and really try to feel the club head. I then make sure my drive replicates the practice swing and most of the times it works. Also as someone alluded earlier. Nice shorts

Jordan Martinka says:

i think right now im ready to try anything, i can hit it 280 about but i keep slicing, i looked at other videos, and none of them mentioned keeping your hips still, but that may be why i havent gotten it down yet, so ill try it

ricecowboy says:

Wow, I've been playing for years without any lessons, watched every slice fix video I could, and this was what I was fundamentally doing wrong the entire time. Thank you.

wnrinme kb says:

I gotta say Aimee, this was the first time I have ever heard this tips to get rid of a slice. And I it was brilliant, it makes perfect sense. Thank you.

gary turner says:

My golf has improved immensely Aimee but can you describe what I should be feeling in my core as I turn back and forward

Sherman Choo says:

abs for power!

gary turner says:

Hi Aimee I played today and my drives were great , I had the best round in a while . Many thanks , go girl .

gary turner says:

Great tip Aimee , I have seen this before a good while ago but forgot about it . I will bring it back into my game again , many thanks . You have a new follower now Aimee , I like your instruction very much .

Lefty69 says:

Hi Aimee and thank you Aimee, you are amazing in every way. Very well explained 🙂

David Ni says:

you are amazing!!!! best explanation ever!

First Name says:

I would love to rip it down the middle Aimee Cho!!

Hadley Evans, Jr. says:

Solid tip – Thx

N Birdi says:

Simply amazing. Love the simplicity of the instruction. Over the years, I basically gave up on teeing off with a driver. After watching this video, I played it over in my mind. First chance I got on vacation, I successfully drove consistently straight over 3 rounds of golf, surprising myself and my friends – No More Slice … Wow! So, after 15 years, I can finally carry (and use) a driver with confidence. Can't wait till summer.

… next, to work on the "Swoosh".

Thank you, Aimee!!!

chris mostert says:

Best coach for me by far. Spot on advice conveyed in a way that is always easy to understand, including the shot demonstration. Excellent coaching in my opinion.

Dominick Palamara says:

Hi Aimee – I'm an 8 hdcp and I draw all my clubs except my driver. I've tried to experiment with my driver to hit a draw but nothing has worked so far but I will try your tip. I have 2 questions though, you state hit the driver off your back leg but how do you avoid a reverse weight shift? also, at the point of impact it looks like your hips are slightly turned to the target. Please clarify…going to try your tip soon. Thank you very much!!!!

Francisco Tortoledo says:

Excellent! Thanks Aimee.

Kadir Zainalabidin says:

Very good tips. Thanks, Aimee

Son Quang says:

Useful tips, thanks

Nia Has lots of fun says:

nice lesson and not bad to look at either got my like

Kerry Flitter says:

I kind of worked this out myself, but I thought it was totally wrong, even though I hit better shots. Everyone has always told me the legs and hips go first and the arms last, but when I do that I get exactly the thing you described with the spinning hips and the club being thrown to the outside, resulting in a high weak fade or slice.
Its just nice to know that I'm not all that wrong in standing flat-footed and belting it with my arms!

Kenneth Ng says:

Been playing for 3 years and have always struggled with solid contact with the driver. Your explanation throughout the video was great and something I haven't really heard anyone else speak of anything similar. Can't wait to hit the range tomorrow and try to implement some of these things. Thanks! and keep up the videos

Drew Bertola says:

Where do you explain the "Y"? Does that mean an upside down Y formed by the legs and torso?

Aphinant Tantiwatana says:

Now I got the insight, thanks so much Aimee, you are the best!

Mauricio Bolivar says:

you are amazing!!!! best explanation ever!

Fake TonyAbbott says:

Love the shorts!

Michael Barnett says:

Excellent video

chipper701 says:

thanks amiee will try this out

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