Golf’s Best Drivers of 2016

The best and newest drivers for the 2016 golf season can change your game off the tee! Watch our review of some great new clubs that can improve your game by adding distance, accuracy, and forgiveness.

17 thoughts on “Golf’s Best Drivers of 2016

  1. my son is 14 and off 1.1 he uses tailor-made m2 driver down to hybrid psi graphite irons tour preferred wedges and scotty cameron futura putter and has won 4 world championships

  2. I'd love to see a real test reviewing old school tech through to current day. Look at TM. They release a new driver seemingly every 4-7 minutes. If we're to believe the hype we should all be hitting the new ones 3 suburbs away.

  3. The real question is if golf companies keep making longer straighter drivers then why is the guy with the new fancy driver not smashing 350 down the middle?

  4. Its all about perception. How you perceive what the manufacture says. If you notice they all have the best and longest. Really???
    We should play all these cause certain players play them, really????

  5. Well I am 13 my dad said these are too expensive that is why I have the r1 driver and I got it for 99.9 sounds cheap does it well the others are 300-500 bucks or more or less

  6. How about getting old technology drivers for example I have the Taylormade r1. These drivers are way too expensive huh Taylormade M1 and M2 way too expensive get the old drivers plz plz plz plz?????

  7. I use a callaway war bird from mid 2000s and I've beaten people with brand new clubs like these. Honestly a player with high skill and a average club can beat somebody with a fancy club and lower skill any day of the week. I find this new stuff a waste of money

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