Golf's Best Golf Balls for 2016 | PGA Equipment Guide

Check out some of the best golf balls of 2016 like the Titleist Pro V1, Pinnacle Rush / Soft, Callaway Chrome Soft, TaylorMade Project A, Bridgestone B330 and more. From new dimple patterns to more layers, learn which ball may be best for your game, or go see your local PGA Professional for advice on which of these balls you should be teeing up!

10 thoughts on “Golf's Best Golf Balls for 2016 | PGA Equipment Guide

  1. I consider myself a decent golfer (10.5 handicap) but I always preferred the Nike mojo (I bought those balls from my local golf course so often the pro and everyone there calls me mojo ) not because of the price but because they were soft enough that they checked on the greens and had good compression for my 95 mph driver swing to bad Nike only makes shoes and apparel I bought my last box ( they come with 24 golf balls )on Amazon brand-new for $40 when just last year I could've bought them brand-new for $21 from Walmart

  2. Well all you did was outline a few named ball manufacturers , what you Didn't do was list a top 10 finalising which is the best Golf Ball for 2016 . You did the same thing for Irons , Drivers and Wedges in other videos.

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