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Good news: more women are playing golf than ever before! 25% of women playing in the UK & Ireland only tried it for the first time in 2020. This can only be a good thing for the game and means there is a tonne of new golfers out there learning about golf for the first time. Here at Golfalot, we want to help women golfers out with their golf equipment. So with the help of our main equipment reviewer – Ex-LET Professional Sophie Walker – we’ve put together a number of great reviews of the best women’s golf gear on the market. If you’re looking to learn more about women’s golf equipment and seeking to improve your game by making sure you're using the right equipment – Golfalot is the new place to go.

In this video, professional golfer Sophie Walker talks through her top ten tips for women golfers buying golf equipment.

This video was shot at LSH Auto, Stockport.

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Celeste Amour says:

Can you make a video of recommended golf club sets for tall women, I'm 5'10. Thank you for deciding to include women, its much appreciated 🙏🏼💗🤗

Y L says:

Came across this by chance and wish I found it earlier as I bought new irons (XXIO) and a hybrid (Yamaha) last week. Stressful process and was determined not to be intimidated by pushy salesman. Took multiple trips and lots of research. Found asking other women golfers “what’s in your bag?” and how they felt about their clubs so useful, esp those I’ve played with and seen how they play on the course. Women players need more targeted reviews to help us so great to see this channel do this.

Rob S says:

Can you also review some older sets as well? Thanks 🙂

Lesley lacey says:

Im a lady golfer, I’ve have a 7 and 5 Cobra woods for a very long time ( 10 years) For some reason I can no longer hit clean shots with my 5 wood. Is it time I swapped for hybrids, if so which ones? I do have 1 hybrid again relatively old.

David Richard says:

Very well done. As a dad of 2 beautiful daughters, I get so disappointed that people look down on them at the course. It is like they think, " oh great a girl and a kid, this will be a long day." Would love to see a video on how to break that stigmata.

Alan Harris says:

This could be women and seniors review,, put laddies shaft in 3 wood gained 15 yds,, now trying in irons with great results,, cheers Alan 😆👍

Johnson mark says:

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Necia Burford says:

Brilliant. It is soooo hard to get this information plus club reviews and LPGA WITBs. I know nothing about shafts for women’s clubs, gapping and how many wedges to carry. Thanks Sophie. 🥰🤗

Aussieshed says:

This is great!

Schlautropf says:

I'm excited! great job, Sophie!

Karen Winnery says:

I would add get some lessons, no equipment is going to make up for bad technique, but good technique can help you make the most of your clubs.

Paul Askey says:

Almost as bad for us seniors and slow swingers. Well done a valid service.

Charles Harrison says:

Sophie you are so right, there is no one who reviews ladies golf clubs. Good luck and continue the success.

David Miller says:

Well done, Sophie.

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