GoPro: Bryan Bros – Golf Trick Shots Part 2

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lassittaja1 says:

where 60 fps ?

Ratfink820 says:

I swear that range is on Pelham rd. In Greenville, SC

MicBergsma says:

haha wow I am impressed! You see the picking up ball cart… I used to do
that job for three years in Washington State! 

Влад Крылов says:

Два ПЕДИКА !!! 

Markus Cerra says:


Jakubix black says:

what’s name this song? says:

The +Bryan Bros are back at it, except this time they took to the range…

WGBH Music says:

These guys are living the good life. Fun stuff

bokeflo says:

Gotta Love a Few Practice Swings! Gotta Love GoPro!!

threeworlds says:

1:34 awesome!

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Rodrigo's HDTV [GoPro] says:

”’Make Wide Turns” imagine Ken Block with caddy 😀

Check out my GoPro channel too ;)

Liam Coyte says:

Love the work gopro byranbros

GoPro Carlos says:

They are trying to mention each others names as often as possible

Adam Shaiken says:

George and Wesley, you guys are just sick with golf ! Mighty impressive !!!

Florian Castilla says:

Alors ça.. C’est pas des golfeurs du dimanche ..!

Mason Jordan says:

This is unreal ! Amazing shots

tdfj95 says:

Tricks shots like a classy muthafuker


awesome like it 1:36

Nathaniel Vitus says:

Dudeperfect is that you?

Nick Petersen says:

These shots are awesome!

GoPro: Bryan Bros – Golf Trick Shots Part 2:

Late Gum says:

Awesome, folks

Yan Skukovskiy says:

Like a “DudePerfect”

vinza pramana putra says:

that was sick

Mrzof007 says:

Воу! Это было бесподобно! и не повторимо! =)

Prodigy Luke says:

PLEASE go check out my YouTube channel. GoPro videos of skiing, sled
riding, parkour, climbing, fails and MORE are all on my channel!!!

The Eagle Zone Golf Improvement Center says:

George and Wesley, Great to have you at The Eagle Zone Golf Improvement
Center in Greenville SC! You guys are always welcome here and keep up the
great work. You are growing the game of golf!


Der Endercookie says:

Thats awesome

DynamixWarePro says:

I have played golf a few times but I am not a big fan of it, but I do quite
like this. Awesome stuff, especially the last shot!

Joe Pohl says:

Please release some new GoPro Studio Edit Templates.

84neilbone says:

Great skills

SickAudi says:

They’re back!!! Hell yes! U guys are fkin legend!! Awesome people too..
Love ur personalities 

Mix-Treme says:

Love these unique ideas, great job guys! :)

YUNOBF3 says:

So much fun, without illegally jumping of a building.

BroOutdoorAdventures says:

Cool video!
You guys should come check us out we also do gopro videos!

Mark Pease says:

This is better than Dude Perfect. Am I right?

TheSoppakulho says:

that ain’t classy enough for real golfers

Aj McLucas says:

Thats awesome! My favorite was the last shot! :)

TheRoadfarmer says:

that quadruple bank shot was awesome

Aiden Traynor says:

This is so sick, great job guys!

Sean Smith says:

Saw them yesterday at belfair 

- TUUBZ - says:

1:35 very satisfying sound ^^

распаКУЙ says:

Крутые богатые пацаны !!1)))

NORPAD Productions says:

MLG Golf

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