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Josh Hay says:

so weird looking back at old videos without the beard. 🙂

Dustin Callum says:

Macleay island has a golf course

Steve Don says:

Get a new camera man!!

Kevin Beach says:

7:57 I thought was a practice swing, can't even hear the ball hit the club

over opinionated says:

The 5 iron on 2nd tee was perfection.. listen to the late wooosh & there was no clicky sound at impact just boooosh. middle of the bat…pure

over opinionated says:

Golf is like life
 Playing with yourself is not as much fun no matter how you try

david mitchelson says:

I'm about to play the course next weekend having moved to Brisbane from edinburgh . I am so excited ??????

n re says:

Rick mate, gotta wear a hat when playing in Australia!

Nick Agnelly says:

Tell John that we don't care if he's good or not!!

Dan Higginbotham says:


How do you pick where you are going to travel to play at. The courses are amazing. Just curious if they reach out to you or you to them.


Martin Davies says:

I think I have seen golfing Heaven. What a beautiful place.

Hao Li says:

everything is expensive on that island. But it is worth every cent you spend. it is beautiful, beautiful. i love that island

Hao Li says:

Yes, that's the Best in Australia. I've been there before, it is the beautiful, beautiful

djsage007 says:

only 150 0.o whatttttt

P-M Meiners says:

Beautifull, just stunning…

Bulldognm says:

You should have golfed with Alan Stains, would have been a great match on a beautiful course!

Bobby Desjardins says:

wow what a gem of a course

SergiO MomessO says:

Hey Rick nice chanel, u have the best job in the world! I was wondering what kind of ball tracker device do u use in your other videos, is it flightscope?

kevin medlock says:

Apart from the money a Tour player makes, your 'golf' life seems to be as good as anybody's Rick lol!

Coochicoo says:

Stunning!! (not Rick, the course)

Nate Nava says:

Love you and Finch's channel. You guys should try to do more course vlogs. And you guys should try a below average course.

simon George says:

what a amazing course thanks for that vlog rick looking forward to part 2

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