Have the best irons ever, got even better?

In this video Rick Shiels PGA Professional reviews the brand new TaylorMade P790 irons at the H.I.T Golf Studio.

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24 thoughts on “Have the best irons ever, got even better?

  1. I just found the last set of 2021 P-790's with the Mitsubishi MMT shafts on sale for $1200 and he said he might be able take more off of the price because I told him i didn't want to spend more than $1000. If I can get them under $1200 should I go for it? He is currently holding them for me until tomorrow afternoon. The Titleist T100 or T 150's (I don't remember which one) are on sale for $1000.

  2. I tried a set of these and it added 10 shots to my rounds, I went back to my Mizuno MP32's, best irons ever made (IMO) and for blade like clubs very forgiving and don't get me started on when you hit a pure shot, for me nothing beats the feeling of a Mizuno.

  3. A different day would generate a different review for sure – I think a not particular great swing day has resulted in a slightly bias review. Comparing the data of the T200 after you hit all of them well is slightly unfair lol

  4. I play the T200 and happy with them. I use the T300 for the 3, 4 iron. I use ping driver. Looking for a Threewood now again looking at ping, but the Adam’s looked good too. I played Adam’s about 30 years ago and loved them.

  5. Hello Rick , thank you for your review. Myself , I play the 2023 P 790 and the performance is really amazing. Maybe they didn’t achieve any further improvement with the 2024 model. ????????????????????????????

  6. Rick, can you test the takomo iron sets. Similar to the caley ones. Be good to see how good they are compared to them and also compared to the big name brands

  7. I have just tested the p790 vs the p770s and thought the p770 where nicer off the face so would be interesting to see you test the p770s. Anyway I have just purchased the phantom p770s

  8. Great review of these. I picked up a mint 2021 set this past week on your advice. I break them in tomorrow. Thank you for your input Rick. Love the new channel!!

  9. Went into club champion several weeks ago for an iron fitting. After a chat about my golf goals and hitting my own irons to warm up we started narrowing down the field. Tried the brand new 2023 P790’s. Really nice looking. Didn’t like the sound / feel. Jake had me try the 2023 T200’s. Huge difference for me. My son was with me and both the fitter and he saw an immediate improvement in contact, flight, and results. I noticed the sound and feel. Another tweak with shafts, both length and type, narrowed my dispersion even more. Nailed it. I Love hitting these irons thru the whole set. Was worth the extra cost of the fitting / irons.

    My son plays the 2021 770’s. Loves them. His brother in law plays the previous model P790’s. Loves them. They were both fit. Do yourself a favor and get fitted. Find the right match for you.

  10. Hit the t200, p790 and i525 yesterday. Love them all, I think the t200's just felt better than the p790's. And this is coming from a guy who has never liked Titleist irons

  11. Honestly I have never seen you strike a club worse that in this video. For only having a club review on this Chanel once a week or less I would have thought you would have cut tape and tried again later. It’s obviously a good iron set, but you made me want to buy Caley irons instead after this. No one is perfect, take your medicine and give us a proper review when you are swinging better. Still love ya!

  12. Rick I love this channel mate. Don't worry about the poor strikes. You're not a machine. All of your subscribers are worse than that and we just want the clean review. If you miss the green by 10 metres no one cares. Cheers mate.

  13. i love that i get that garbage PXG ad in the middle of this club review hahaha….i want to bad to like TM irons, but i just can't….i have the old MB's and just can't get into the 7 series…

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