19 thoughts on “This Is Why You Can’t Hit Your Long Irons #golf #tips

  1. I can not stop hitting off my back foot. I been playing for two months and can’t break the habit. I either hit the ground and not close to ball or when I do I’m falling back and shooting off back leg. Any help please

  2. These are good tips for any irons, honestly. Any club that isn't a driver, wood, or hybrid off the tee. Any of the other clubs (including hybrid off the deck, or even a wood off the deck) involves hitting down at the ball, and rotating your body to generate momentum.

    Good golf tips.

  3. My 4 has been working dreams for me. However I use none of these techs…. I'm sorry but not everyone can be an instructor… no joke don't lift up on the ball. And ball position forward is correct, yet you work with your body size. And lastly. I don't use my body as highly mentioned. I use mine as i would treat my driver. I cleared 190 yards on a par 3 and landed 3 feet from the green WITHOUT using my body

  4. Something that many people (and, strangely, club manufactures) overlook is the lie angle of long irons. As a player, instructor, and professional caddie I can tell you that it’s nearly impossible to hit upright long irons.

    First, the over all “standard” lie of all clubs has gone more upright over the decades. Clubs have become longer too — and because lie and length are proportional, that make long irons even more upright. To make matters even worse, without taking their customers much at all, the OEM’s changed their lie angle progression throughout the set.

    Historically, lies moved flatter by 1 degree for every half inch of length. So, your 3 iron was one degree flatter than your 4 iron. But, now it’s only half a degree for half and inch. This seeming subtle change makes a long iron so woefully upright that it almost make me think they’re doing it on purpose to convince people long irons are hard to hit so they can sell more $250 hybrids.

    Flatten your longest iron down 4-5 degree and you’ll be flushing it because they’re actually easy to hit.

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