Hinako Shibuno Highlights from Round Two of the 2019 AIG Women's British Open

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Watch highlights from Hinako Shibuno's second round at the AIG Women's British Open


rakkodego says:

Congrats, Hinako! I wonder if her great swing could be related to that? She used to play softball, Baseball in about 6 years from the age of 8 to 14. Additionally, she was an ace pitcher and also a cleanup hitter.

JR R says:

Wow, she won and smiled all the way. ?

MrTkeddo says:

Wow impressive club head speed on her drives, never seen her before but everyone is talking about her now with 30 on back 9 to lead the Open?

Khairilanuar Othman says:

If this fabulous surprise that is Hinako Shibuno is still in contention over the weekend, it'll be a fantastic reprise of that 2015 Park Inbee/Ko Jin-young duel: a relative unknown on the lpga taking on the Goliaths?
How exciting to have 2 stealth fighters in the Open: Jin-young and Hinako ???

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