Hinako Shibuno Highlights from the Final Round of the 2019 AIG Women's British Open

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markdelej says:

She’s an absolute badass

HasLina07- desu says:

Congratulation Hinako-chan! Love Japan!
Love from Malaysia!

nWo says:

lol she's amazing

fm tf says:


MIE OKA says:

don't rise your national flag in the 1st hole tee ground in the fourth round. It's nasty to people. Kxxea………

Milk Latte says:

Pro first year…wowwww

Hゆさみ says:


George Bain says:

What a performance! Her interaction with the fans was amazing, most popular overseas player since Lee Trevino.

わわ says:

konichiwa.from Kobe Japan.

simazima says:

Wonnderful! Congratucation! Your playstyle and smile give me and all
guests very delight , even very courage!
Thank Hinako!!

AJAX1314 says:

Winner and Smile.

Miso0000000000 says:

Exceptional. Very interesting and impressive to watch that the opponent and her caddie exhibited such joy in Hinako's winning.

はな says:


kimchicracka says:

Wow unbelievable! ひなこしぶのが素晴らしい!

sopheap neang says:

Her smile is priceless. Congrats from Cambodia Shibuno

TS19781018 says:

0:57 「あ、ちょっとダフったかな 笑」

Andrew Kordyban says:

One of the sports stories of the year. What a putt on 18. Her demeanor.. her smile.. I have never seen anyone enjoy playing golf that much. Add in the fact it's her first major, first LPGA event, first time being outside of Asia and the fact her manager DRESSED UP IN A BLUE COSTUME TO MAKE HER LAUGH ON THE COURSE… I mean, this might go down as one of the greatest stories of all time. And that smile!!!

Congratulations Hinako Shibuno!!!

Aka the Smiling Cinderella!!!

EG宜野湾 says:

おめでとうございます  最後の強気のパッティングは鳥肌が立ちました!!

Steve Harris says:

Amazing golf from the ladies today,Salas was amazing but Shibuno was so interactive with the crowd, people would really enjoy her win.

Issac Jay says:

She is another smiling assassin from the land of rising sun.

peter han says:

Very good play! but, stop touching your front hair, does not make you any better look.

Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69 says:

Must be the 2 American that don't like the Asian winning the tournament! !!!

Salvatore San juan says:

Great swing. Great tempo. But most of all, great attitude! Always a smile ready. This is how we should all play golf! 🙂

Mike Joaquin says:

Wow! That’s a huge winning putt at the final hole. What a way to finish the round… Congrats Shibuno-san!????

Bomba Deer says:

Congratulations ⭐️ Hinako Shibuno ⭐️

마이묵었다아이가고마해라 says:

가와이 시주노 ❤️❤️❤️????

Tec Angel says:

Congratulations!!! Such a great personality. Looking forward to watching you play in future tournaments…????????

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