Hip (Pelvis) Rotation, Pressure & Common Faults

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If you want more pars, let's make sure that you are rotating your hips or more specifically, your pelvis during the backswing. I share some common scenarios (featuring some of you!) to help you develop a more efficient hip rotation. Plus, I cover lots of goodies including pressure and common faults that I see..all to help you get better strikes. So, let's get to it!

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James Bond says:

I like the tip on the little space that is created between the hip and the pole. Creating the extension. Just trying that move in my living room watching this (While a winter storm goes on outside!!) if I don't don't do the little extension I come over the top with my shoulder and club. Very good tip to correct that!! Thanks from Canada!!

Laureen Federico says:

Best in the business. No one verbally and visually compares.

Nicholas says:

I want more paaars … πŸ™‚

James Reynolds says:

I wish I could get this quality of instruction from my swing coach. Your videos have amazing depth and insights!

Dr Jose Antonio Gubaira Mendoza says:

Hi! I love your golf tips but, but spend too mucho time explaining the wrong things instead emphasizing the correct way.

Willa Hong says:

you are so funny as a human being, no mention the instructions!πŸ˜†

Tom Beach says:

who is that golfer at 3:18? That looks like my brother. Nice tip.

EyeOfTheTigger says:

"Pelvis in the same zip code" : something I want my ball to do.

R.E. Tremblay says:

Actually, Christina, you are the magic.

Paul Billingham says:

Enjoying the full description of the topics for each lesson. The best communicator I have seen teaching golf.

Ian NEWTON says:

Love your tips Thanks Ian

Russell Bialecki says:

I really appreciate you breaking these rotation moves down. I have made just about all of the mistakes that you mention. Now perhaps I can improve! Thank you!!!

Tabb Tabb says:

That magic first move onto the right foot is gold. Thank you

Leif K says:

Thanks, these instructions helped me a lot. More consistent shot. It will take me one step πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ further in my golf β›³, more pars.

Shug ! says:

Perhaps I'm over-thinking the process but when I see you swing, it is one smooth, buttery, powerful, mellifluous flow. I get very segmented in my swing while thinking, hips, arms, pelvis, wrists, which then leaves my arms screaming through the ball in the downswing, almost as if I have to catch up or recover lost speed to create distance. I may not be on the mark here but that's how it appears to me. Perhaps I just need to go to the range and build (video) the PROPER sequence/muscle memory before I worry about distance/accuracy.

Steve S says:

Very Good show of where your lower body should be on the back swing! Thank You!

Tommy Leary says:

Ill try to work on this tomorrow!!

Ufuk Goksu says:

Thank you for this great video. Is trailing right hip tilted up O.K when it goes back? Thanks.

Les Flynn says:

I pulled back muscles because I was doing what you said not to do , works much easy and better this way . Thanks chirstina

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