Golf Swing Hip Rotation | How To Clear The Hips

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Sergio S. says:

This helped! Great drill thank you

LiL Brussel Sprout says:

Except this drill will encourage people to get on their right toes, which is not what you want. The vast majority of amateurs look like Elvis in their downswing while pros have a stable trail foot. The right knee moving towards the golf ball gets the rip hip toward the golf ball which takes up space that the arms need to use. This causes all sorts of contact issues, pulls, wipes, and shanks.

The concept is sound but getting people to practice getting up on their right toes is horrible.

Preston Bonner says:

Thank you! I've needed something to work on

TheFinalBoss says:

Hey Clay – do you do any private video lessons? I've been trying to do this for like 2 years now and just can't get there.

Brian Bunnell says:

Do you know of a good drill to feel like you are shallowing the club as doing this lower body move? My issue is I come a little steep when I get good rotation. But when I do shallow it, I can’t rotate 😂

Ryan says:

I've had a chicken wing forever. I started trying to self-diagnose, and learned some things. But no matter what I tried, I could not get my hips open. Belt buckle…full shoulder rotation, knees loose, etc. It just wasn't happening. Even through yesterday, I still couldn't do it. I watched this video a few weeks ago, but didn't do anything with it. This is the stone cold truth: I grabbed 2 small bricks from the side of the yard. I used them like you used the balls. I film myself, then run it through an editor to slow it down to .2 speed. Low and behold, my left arm is straight at impact. My ck wing is gone. THEN, I got rid of the bricks, and concentrated on pushing with my right instep as I began the downswing (as seen in one of your videos from several years back). It was still gone. And it feels like my hands come through at the right time instead of forcing it. I wish you had a Patreon account. I would give you some money. You basically fixed my biggest swing issue in 10 minutes, and that's no b.s. I really appreciate you.

John Panny says:

This makes me see the brilliance of Matt Wolfe’s swing

Fish Gaming says:

A common thing for me is sometimes I get unstable and overturn and under turn resulting in my upper body stopping at a different time and my hand releasing differently. So where should we be and how do we check the good turn and stopping point for proper release of the arms

J McG says:

This is just brilliant. Thank you

Ingo Sandhofen says:

Another very good Video!

daddar15 says:

My grandfather who taught me how to play golf used to do this same drill with me at the driving range by cutting a tennis ball in half. Great Drill… Correct me if I'm wrong though, when you switched the balls I noticed during the back swing your right leg completely straightened as though you were pushing your kneecap backwards. I was always taught that straightening that leg out will ruin your turn and often cause your body to lean in the wrong direction. I know that this is part of the "stack and tilt" swing. Is this just to emphasize the drill? Or is straightening that leg okay?

Spade FourSevenNine says:

1st time i ever watched a video in a video! Lolol!

Bob Bentley says:

Your best tip ever !!!


I know it's self centered. But I really hope no one i golf with ever finds your channel. You have the greatest teaching method on the tube man. I tried this last night and about spun out my shoes. This truly does give you the correct feeling of what it's supposed to feel like. Couldn't believe the difference once I got rid of the balls and swung. By my 3rd swing I was booming them straight and added 5yds of carry according to my swing caddie. Thanks again for all of your content.

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