Hogan golf swing model (top)

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www.golfresearch.com created computer image of the golf swing.


stephen f says:

Not sure what a previous commenter is talking about. Actually this is, to my eye anyway, a perfect representation (as is the companion vid).

One thing that really stands out is just how much the shoulders do NOT dominate the downswing — how the arms are swinging down from the inside as the shoulders retain a relatively closed position (while the lower body is opening up). At the last moment when a player can possibly be conscious of what is going on in the downswing before impact — which is about when the hands are hip-high or just getting in front of the trailing thigh — the shoulders are still staying at least slightly closed instead of "driving" anything or forcing rotation power that breaks down the swinging motion.

Jim Puterbaugh says:

It is worth noting that these models are incorrect….especially regarding Hogan's hip movement.

stephen f says:

Any way you can repost this with the image rotated 90 degrees left?

Eugene Jhong says:

I'm curious where you found this model? Is there more information on it anywhere?

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