Holly Sonders Driver Swing: CVS Caremark Charity Classic

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GolfWRX: Golf Channel's Holly Sonders Driver Swing at Brad Faxon's CVS Caremark Charity Classic 2012


moreme40 says:

Women golfers turn me off. Not !

Sean Harmon says:

I’d like to show her my stroke…

Lincoln Pope says:

It doesn’t matter what her swing looks like, all I know is that she looks
good doing it!

庄 糊涂 says:


cboltz22 says:

Ohp, she wears a grey glove. Deal breaker…

Cannonball says:

It looks like the hips don’t smoothly rotate through impact. She begins
clearing them, then they stop. The arms propel the hips through the rest of
the hitting area. It’s a bit odd.

crunchshark87 says:

shes so hot. I had a thing with her last year. But notice where her club
face is turned on her back swing. Whoa is she something

hanoitwin says:

Love the Skirt!

StraightLEFTfromPAC says:


Ruben Amaya says:

I want to see her use a chest putter

FacelessRendition says:

Lol of course you did mate 😉

mcgroogtube says:

whats Holly Sonders hndcp, and btw its funny how every Golf Channel analyst
is good looking, Holly is the most beautiful i think

GreenmanTypeOneg says:

As a Marine, 31yo. I will admit, sadly I was very intimidated at 5ft. 9″
meeting Anna Maria Nordqvist at MobileBayClassic. Froze Up, sounded as dumb
as my better playing golfer, My Army Sgt. Brother, at least he’s only 2
years older than her. I hope some day I crush a Golf Ball with her accuracy
someday. Talked to Jessica Korda chippery self, she’s taller than Us.
Anna… You get made at God, Gravity, & not Swedish Men. Lucky #@%#@#$!!!!

Andrew C says:

Very beautiful! But…….. She comes up out of her posture a little on the
down swing. I know she played golf in college but she might be on LPGA if
she would stay IN the shot. Keep your butt back Holly! I am a fan. You can
thank me Holly for the lesson. You owe me nothing;-)

MatrixFactoryGuy says:

poetry in motion,..she’s only reason why i watch the golf channel!

Phil Clare says:

Dynamic and determined!

lisahunny27 says:


DarthVader10111 says:

No shit Sherlock.

Eddie B says:

That Eric dude had to leave the golf channel because they started having an
affair…..he left his wife for her. She’s not as sweet as she acts on
TV……….of course, he’s left 3 other women so he’ll probably eventually
dump her too. Word is he can’t keep it zipped up….

GreenmanTypeOneg says:

BEAUTY_WOMAN_No Sh** a Jarhead who needs Glasses like Me can state a Male
Obvious HOLLY has an incredible swing, I love her advice just as Much as
any Pro she interviews on any Tour_Helps My Mom too I didn’t wear Columbia
Fishing shorts to the Range in the F’n Bama Humidity in the Rain to show
off My hair Legs_Pockets+Blac+Made to get water on them_Had 2 Fat & 2
Identical Bubba Watson’s look a likes staring at My similar Ricky Fowler
Swing I hope?? That or my hairy legs in the rain & flat cap?

calderone06 says:

“Really sexy, Holly!”

calderone06 says:

why do I always meet ugly old women on courses?

woolvertonc says:

in front of the tee markers?

Ryan Salamone says:


tdavisproductions says:

i would drag my balls threw broken glass to hear her fart over a walkie

erock81487 says:

no way bruh. go check out golf digest from a month or so ago.

lisahunny27 says:


Matthew Quigley says:

god dam shes amazing

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Pretty soon they’ll be playing in bathing suits

DarthVader10111 says:

You must love balls as well.

Teppo Einari says:

not a good golf swing, maybe she should consider something else

fomomoto3 says:

Holly and Martin Hall are by far the best things on the golf channel. Holly
is always a delight and she and Hall have great chemistry. Makes up for the
annoying Canadian chick and the motor mouths Breed and Tilghman.

William Bright says:


Fongfongmc says:

HILARIOUS if you are 14 and living in 2011.

Rich Head says:

awesome legs, great skirt.

crtyoungblood says:

That’s a bad thing?!

seran694 says:

she needs a undergarment supplier.

Will Galvin says:

lets see yours….she played college golf i’m pretty sure you can do better

montyjk01 says:

I would only need 1 wood to play with her.

Benjabob2012 says:


Aaron Steed says:


Stone Salter says:

If she could only play as well as the korean women, LPGA would rival PGA
for TV ratings.

Dot Matrix says:

Holly Moly!

Dencil Bernard says:

To people who want to lose fat some day, Copy And paste into Google
Skinnimaker Diet and get started.

P Bullman says:

Holly who? Nice legs, however.

Hammertimemoves says:

dat ass

AlGhaffar says:

she loves iron and she loves balls! hahahahahahahahaha 🙂

TheGolfer231 says:

I sense a lot of rage….

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