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For the third year running, FOX Sports reporter and host Holly Sonders is one of GOLF.com's 2016 Most Beautiful Women in Golf.

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BearCatmaximus g says:

I need a smoke and a shower! Yikes, she is smokin'. Hot!!!

Howdy Folks says:

A plastic surgeon's creation

Pat McCann says:

This woman is stunning.

Luciano L. Pauda Jr. says:

A body to recogne for. Mind! Control, a personality only a choractor can understand.

nz rockdj says:

Not another fucking bimbo trying to make a name for herself.

Stewart Mckay says:

Very average…very

LJG LJG says:

Golf's most overdone woman…laughable

Tom Donnelly says:

Er, ah, Holly? No fun playing golf with a guy who's a 40 handicap? Guys can't have a 40. Max handicap for a guy is 36.4.

e james says:

there's hardly any blacks in golf since tiger retired, so why does the game's number 1 female have a shelf butt.

Howdy Folks says:

She's got a pretty face, but not drop dead gorgeous. Take away the fake boobs and her body is about an 8.

joe hinojos says:

Winn Mcmurray beats out this ugly azz wannabe!!!!


Hot chick that likes golf. Cue the haters……….

trippin916 says:

Lmaooooo she's hot as fuck but this whole "hottest women in golf" is hilarious… It's like "the hottest women in fishing"…

DereMemo says:

Her legs made me hard.

Joe Biliello says:

What's her best game? a 72?

Upturned17 says:

Yeah she sucked her way to the top

Riz P says:

I bet she went through lot of balls.

VeryPoliticalHonkey says:

Oh look, an attractive and successful woman that's doing a sexy photoshoot. Cue the outraged feminists.

carl fdez says:

dat alligator

superA says:

From a giant alligator to this.

Max Brandt says:

Holly is absolutely gorgeous if not outright breathtaking! Those captivating eyes, brilliant smile, sexy legs, andĀ great personality all make for a woman we'd all love to be with but so few canĀ even win over.

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