How and Why PlaneSWING Works for Beginners to Major Winners. Transform your Golf Game!

Here at the PlaneSWING academy in Orlando, Florida, Tony shows you how simply PlaneSWING works.

The biggest challenge for all golfers, whether a Tour star or beginner, is getting the club on plane in the golf swing. What does that mean? Put simply it's keeping the club head on the correct path by sequencing the body and the arms. This is what PlaneSWING does!

Look for perfection and you'll set yourself up to fail. Accept that there is a “cone of achievement” and you'll see rapid and sustained progress.

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The Best Golf Swing Training System in the world. Now used by thousands of #golfers of all levels in over 80 countries including US Open winner Dustin Johnson OpenChampionship winner Darren Clarke, PGA Tour player Bryson DeChambeau PGA Tour & EuropeanTour star Tommy Fleetwood & the game's leading golf coaches

From Beginners to Major Winners, the multi-adjustable PlaneSWING with the unique PowerSLIDER and PlaneCHECKER builds a powerful and repeatable swing on a golfer's ideal swing plane.

Start building a great golf swing in minutes. Our instructional video which can be viewed on this channel, ?️‍♂️ , is in 15 easy to digest sections and simply and concisely explains the golf swing and how PlaneSWING delivers rapid results.

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Welcome to my PlaneSWING YouTube channel. I'm Tony Clark and I'm committed to sharing with as many people as possible just how easy teaching and learning golf can be.

What does Growing the Game really mean? Is it getting more people to try golf? Filling up the golf courses? To me, growing the game starts with retention. Too many people are dipping in and out because they find golf too difficult. At PlaneSWING we are changing that.

“PlaneSWING should change the entire way golf is taught” Jeff Carine, Carine Golf Academy

At the PlaneSWING Academy in Orlando, Florida we focus on simplicity of message and FUN in our golf coaching. We expedite learning through a kinesthetic experience where people FEEL how the golf swing should feel. In minutes their level of understanding is hours ahead of where they'd be with “regular” instruction and in an hour they are weeks ahead. It's that dramatic and it's that simple.

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