ATHLETIC Golf Swing SETUP (Powerful Stance With Optimal Ball Position)

Learn to set up to the golf ball like an athlete and align your body to move more dynamically!

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20 thoughts on “ATHLETIC Golf Swing SETUP (Powerful Stance With Optimal Ball Position)

  1. I just landed on your site a few days ago. I really loved the videos addressing the swing with irons (I.e. the “sitting down move”) ?What I am now hoping to find but can’t so far is one addressing the swing with fairway woods. I get the fairway club head path advice but is there a substantial difference from the iron swing? Thanks.

  2. Really good video on stance relative to ball position. Would it be accurate to add that, that when the ball position moves forward in the stance , we need to progressively close our stance to maintain a neutral path ? For example with the ball position forward in your stance with a driver setup, you closed your stance to promote a neutral path when swinging up on the ball since the upswing opens the face a little so these offset each other. What should the ball position and stance be for a high draw with a driver and what should the club head path be ? Thanks

  3. Hi Milo. What was the music you used at the start of a few vids you did when you hit the ball with your right arm only? Driving me nuts trying to remember!

  4. I am defiantly going to work on this over the next few range sessions. Do you have anything for ball flight left and then pull even more left? I have tried taking lessons in person and just about every swing path I can think of and about 70% of all my shots are left of target, even 10 yard chip shots are to the left. I imagine it's my swing path and body rotation but I can't seem to get this fixed. If I am not pulling left I am bottoming out way behind the ball so I hit fat or thin a lot. Great vid and I will keep watching.

  5. in winter time, what kind of exercise you recommend to swing faster? in screen golf I see some improvement after your videos about weight transition. thank you!

  6. I’m trying to understand how you play the ball that far forward with a driver and keep the face square that long? I get that it’s not perfectly square, but pretty close for small draws/cuts. You said you tend to close the stance, to get the club moving more in to out, which makes sense, but I can’t seem to figure out how to “maintain” a square face through impact with a driver.

  7. Thank you Milo! (Straight shot) Do you align the club square to target or slightly open (pw ,7I, Driver)? That's never been clear to me and seems like there is always different philophies…Thanks again.

  8. Hi Milo….understand you like hit a power fade for your driver….do you still hit a power fade with a close stance for your driver? Thanks!

  9. Maybe because the golf swing has so many moving parts, those of us who take it up as adults are in danger of becoming too mechanical, thus freezing our natural athleticism till we're swinging like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. I love how Milo works to give us ways to unlock our athleticism. As he says, no one throws a baseball thinking about when and where to shift weight: we know what it feels like and do it. My best sport was tennis, so I'll flip around my golf club and use it to "hit a couple backhands" as I approach the ball, then mirror those body move feels with my rehearsal swing. 5 shots off my handicap since I started watching Milo. Plan to take some online lessons to drop it further as soon as my schedule allows it.

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