16 thoughts on “How F1 Brakes Work? ????

  1. This is a video showcasing how the front brakes work.

    The front brakes still operate conventionally; where the driver pushes the pedal with a force of 160Kg.

    The rear brakes however, have an additional master cylinder which is electronically controlled. Therefore, during braking, fluid is moved through the rear master cylinder as normal, however the MGU-K then determines the amount of pressure applied to the rear caliper’s

  2. I once drove a very old truck that was breaking the same way????????????????

    After applying the brake pedal it was taking about 2 seconds before the brakes actually engaged????????????????
    Next generation will ask the pilot for confirmation "are you sure you want to sllow down" and cheek if the driver is human????????????????

  3. Explain science through your this type of animated vedios….. You'll help students a lot and also you'll get too much views

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