How fast should you swing the golf club, Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey are testing how fast should you swing to hit longer golf drives. Golf driver takeaway and backswing is talked about a lot but are you doing the correct thing to increase your clubhead speed to hit longer drives. How fast should you swing a golf club, how hard should i hit the golf ball, questions like this are asked all the time. Why not learn to hit the golf ball harder and increase your swing speed with this simple tip and drill and find yourself hitting those long balls past your mates and improve your golf scores on the golf course. Enjoy the video and make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to the channel if you are liking the videos.

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  1. I video’d my swing and compared it to a pro’s and county players I know. My backswing is very slow. I changed it to same rhythm as Tommy Fleetwood . It was a light bulb moment. All I did was a much faster backswing I gained so much extra distance and with know loss in accuracy. It’s explained in John novosel book tour tempo. I just hope my 49 year old back will hold out lol.

  2. I’d suggest quick quick just extends the length of your backswing, club head in the corner of your left eye at the top. Longer backswing more time to accelerate back down. I get between 5-10mph clubhead playing the long swing. Allowing the lead arm to bend on the way back if necessary for us oldies

  3. So, grip it and rip it? Never heard that before 🙂 I think more than anything it is confidence. If you are confident in your swing you can swing faster or slower. If you are not confident in your swing you will tend to not use your full potential. People pay good money for +7mph on a swing 🙂

  4. Interesting that Bryson is a front post golfer benefiting from this….It may not work for a rear post golfer. Re: Mike Adams and Terry Rowles.

  5. Ok guys here’s a weird one for ya , when I want to hit a draw I power back and forwards , same set up , it feels like the faster backswing and faster transition rally loads the shaft , and I get a nice 10-15 yard draw . Normal speed goin back gives me straight , very slow going back gives me a fade . I don’t really know what happens during all this , but this is what it produces for me , and I can play comfortably off it , to draw or fade on different holes as required , only with the driver but , it doesn’t work on irons or anything else . To draw or fade on the rest I do it through set up ,or rather ball position , one ball forward or back from a standard position gives me draw or fade . I have tried many different ideas and they are hit and miss , these simple changes very small produce the same results every time for me .

  6. It's funny that every time I see one of these videos Coach seems to do better (distance and accuracy) either by swinging harder or faster. I stumbled onto this because I was at the range and my primary purpose was to work on a controlled swing. But every time I 'accidentally' let it loose and swung harder, the result was better.

  7. "quick quick"
    Ive been watching tips for Seniors, seems the trick they do is right foot pointed right to open up lager back swing. Results in Less strain more distance. Like to see your take and results on this.

  8. if ppl would realize that what it is uncomfortable at the beginning becomes natural with a long time of use. the more you try to swing fast the more you get used to the speed and the timings. once that happens you have a skill thats very useful. thats how it happens on everything you do in life. always move your body to the limits so you can move the bar to a new limit. just go out there and try things you never try and give em a fair chance(not the 10 swings is enough data, cause even Lockey said he had to hit more shots to see if this small sample is true).

  9. I believe that if you are to attempt quick quick, you would have to have great control of your strike… My strike is good when slow-quick, but I think i would lose balls to the right if I did the quick-quick since I get heely when I go faster. I would practice strike first before attempting this full time on the course.

  10. Golgi tendon and muscle spindles will provide a stretch reflex at the top creating more potential for a quicker downswing. The faster you transition the more this will come into effect

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