Shortest Backswing Tony Finau Swing & Slow Motion

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Jeff says:

Part of the perfect area of the swing is the action of the right knee in the down swing. The right knee rotates down and up towards the target, but never out.

Larry Bryan says:

You can see him shallow out the driver on the down swing, which helps generate move club head speed

RamsnDodgersfan says:

I want to develop a similar swing. More around the body rather than high hands in the backswing. You don’t have to drop your club into the grove on the downswing, it’s already there. Not just compact, but simpler. Less moving parts less mistakes. Also, as I age, maybe more able to maintain.

NOT Eight Thoughts says:

I’m also tall, 6’6, and this was just the way my swing developed naturally too. Being tall and developing a long backswing puts way too many variables in play to make mistakes.

stratovani says:

There's definitely something to be said for a shorter backswing.

Etneb20 Yorme says:

He is using more on hands rotation with good lag and quick release.
This is lot better than body swing currently that are being taught by golf instructor which for me is bad for your lower back

Baruda1 Baruda1 says:

Right elbow tight to body is the key move🤙🏽

Frederick Fong says:

The shorter swing makes good contact at impact. I tried and I love it.

r lake says:

My favorite golf swing 😎

jamesfreddyc says:

Reason why a short backswing works just fine: his hips and chest finish left of the target. Mega-rotation.

okolekahuna says:

His lag is incredible.

Alexis Knows says:

Thanks for this video,just started playing golf this year -I want to play like Tony 🙂

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