How they mow the fairways at The Masters Augusta National

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The grounds crew at Augusta National mows the 2nd fairway at The Masters.


Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Duffman23790 Most sporting venues are fake. I have never seen a patch of
grass that was naturally marked with yard lines in convenient 5 yard
increments. I have never seen ice freeze naturally in a convenient oval
with red and blue lines occuring from a mysterious natural phenomenon. What
is your point?

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Riff28Raff Without golf and glofers you would be unemployed.

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Riff28Raff You are correct. The course where I play let all memberships
lapse and refused to renew them. They decided it was not worth the unwanted
input from know-nothing members who think they are experts on everything.
They dedided they could raise more money offering package deals, daily
tournaments and leagues than catering to members. So far they have done
quite well. Most of the private clubs are not doing well since the economy
tanked and a lot are going semi-public.

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Riff28Raff I agree with you that a great many have no idea how to respect
a course when they play. I cannot count how many plug marks i have fixed on
greens courtesy of the people who played before me. I also respect the job
that greenskeepers do considering my first job was as a 12 year old
carrying a steel bucket of seed sand and filling in fairway divots at a
local course. I have also met many great people on golf courses over the
years. Don’t paint all with one brush.

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Riff28Raff I find it funny that people always expect conditions at
different courses to be the same. Especially when teh locations are
completely diferent. I know people who play Myrtle Beach in April or May
and then come back to Canada and whine when the courses are not in the same
condition even though we are 18 hours North and are under snow and ice for
4 months a year.

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Duffman23790 Playing at the Masters is not invitational only, players can
earn their way there. It used to be by invitation only but the PGA insisted
that if a player meets certain criteria then he is eligible to play there
or it would not be considered a PGA event. The Masters can then invite
whomever else they want. But they cannot exclude a player who has met the

Anthony Naylor says:

because they have less than two hours to cut 18 holes.

MetallicA19185 says:

Forgive me if i’m wrong but isn’t this how most fairways are cut coming
into major tournaments in the US by using the pushing and pulling method?

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Duffman23790 I dream about playing those courses. What do you think of the
course Trump is building on the dunes in Scotland?

Duffman23790 says:

@Midnightrambler3760 Ive worked on golf courses that have never needed to
go to these extreams. The British open courses for example, Carnoustie,
St.andrews, Royal Lytham, Royal St georges have next to no fakery and in
turn make for a much more appealing course imo. Maybe im alone in saying
that, but somtimes less is more.

churroburro08 says:

why do they use so many machines?

castrophist says:


Trevor Hansen says:

@Duffman23790 Golf Courses are like art, and beauty is on the eye of the
beholder. I have been to Augusta National, and it is quite an amazing
course when you see it in real life. Definitely a masterpiece for sure. I
do agree with you though, about courses that have more natural textures
being more beautiful. I am more partial to heathland courses myself. Sand,
pines, tall grass, and water/wetland mixed in between.

742yzarc says:

thats so cool!!!

jbizzle231 says:

@churroburro08 because they can, their budget is unlimited essentially

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Riff28Raff That is hillarious, comparing leaves on a links course to a
course lined with trees. They are smart at Augusta, they line it with
Georgia pines. No leaves and not a lot of rough to mow.

cal2arms says:

what you don’t see is on the front of every mower infront of the driver.
They have a tennis ball hanging from a string, this is so they can stay in
formation like the blue angels. It is THAT precise

Duffman23790 says:

@wpanic05 your right, im jelous silly me. you do realise that because its
invitation only, any comentator that degrades or bad mouths the course wont
be aloud back the following year (i bet 95% of them think what im
thinking). Im speaking not just as a golfer but also a greenkeeper, augusta
is an exibition not a golf course

fozza88 says:

@Riff28Raff mate i agree with u 100% im a greenskeeper in melboure (aus) on
the sandbelt n they give me the shits!!! walking up and down the bunker
faces, getting in ya way,n just been down right rude

Ben Blackshaw says:

Wow so strict it’s incredible

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Duffman23790 You are 100% correct, less is definitely more. Golf is an
outdoor sport and you should feel like you are definitely outdoors. I have
friends who will not play a links course if it is even slightly windy, I
say “Bring it on!”

Midnightrambler3760 says:

@Riff28Raff The greenskeeper where is play is phenomenal, many greens are
heavily shaded and how he keeps them playable is beyond me. Most of the
people who play there are aware of what a great job he does and at the end
of the season when the league has it’s banquet the greens crew is invited
and they eat and drink for free. There are always going to be idiots, best
is just to nod and smile and when they walk away quickly forget everything
they said.

TheGolfer231 says:

@MetallicA19185 Your’re right. Players complained that the stripes
distracted them, so they went to pushing and pulling the fairways. I would
imagine though that the U.S Open doesnt use this many mowers.

virus56777 says:

bend over

Brad Owen says:

@cal2arms UMM the tennis balls aren’t there to help alignment, they are to
throw at the mower in front of them to alert the operator that they have a
problem such as an oil leak or is cutting badly. You just made 100’s of
people dumber by your mis informed comment

Duffman23790 says:

Lets not forget that Augusta isnt a golf course, its more fake than a pair
of pornstars tits. Blue dye in the ponds to make them LOOK brighter. All
the bark and plants around the back of the green has all been planted and
raked out weeks before the masters begins to make it LOOK natural.

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