Holly Sonders: Most Beautiful Women in Golf 2015

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Stephano Vargas says:

She looks like the pornstar Madison Ivy. 

toddms41 says:

Fox likes em’ skanky, perfect fit! Just watch Fox News for a couple hours.

Greg Bennett says:

I think her eyes got jacked…Holly – stay away from the knife – you’re a
young hen – its not needed for quite sometime. Sad to see these people try
to glamourize an otherwise sexy female

Robert Mayhew says:

You look great Holly. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Fox and wish
you the best of luck. 

Ron Knutson says:

Not a good new look. Holly what did you do to yourself? You look like a
lady of the evening.

Mark W. says:

Go back to your old look! 

Donovan Moore says:

What does she use to put her makeup on- a shovel?

prorobo says:

The seconds left on her marriage to that moron Kuselias have to be in the
teens at most.

El Hozel says:


Kenneth Holland says:

Nice job ruining yourself with plastic surgery Holly…

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