HOW TO AIM IRONS Correctly and Hit More Greens in Regulation! (GOLF SWING BASICS)

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If you feel like you make a good golf swing and still struggle with how to hit irons, you may just need to learn how to aim irons properly. So how do you aim irons for a better golf iron swing?

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The most important aspect is the club face, of all the golf tips from this video that is the most important one to remember. And if you start by aiming this before your body, you will learn how to hit irons straight, and you are bound to hit more greens in regulation!

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19 thoughts on “HOW TO AIM IRONS Correctly and Hit More Greens in Regulation! (GOLF SWING BASICS)

  1. I kid you not. I watched this video, found it very sensible. Went out to play golf as I ALWAYS do every week no fail and on the 17th hole, 145’ par 3 over water hit my 1st hole in ONE in 9 years of playing!! Next week, different hole par 3 155’ and came 4” from the hole. This has drastically improved my game and aim. Try it! I swear by this instruction video.

  2. golfing 56 years, went to baseball grip 10 years ago, besides water, i haven't lost a ball since. I lost distance but geeze, my pals laugh when i pull out the same ball I've used the last three games. It's free to try it. Split hands, neutral grip, half swing , don't need a glove anymore either.

  3. Surprised you didn't suggest we come behind the ball and look through it to the target. A nice first step. Many teach that you step into the ball with a stance open to the target, aim the face at the target, then set the feet. You did not suggest all of that. Do you suggest these steps be avoided?

  4. As I walk towards my ball mentally preparing for the next shot, I try to wall directly "behind" the ball so I see it in a direct line (hopefully) to the green or my next target. This also gives me a feeling of distance – not having one of those fancy watches! – and which club I should consider using. This video adds another dimension to better aim!

  5. In combining this with the Vertical Line Swing, when you close your stance should your hips and shoulders also be closed? I assume that the clubface is still square to the target in any case, right? Thanks

  6. A good explanation of the basics, and the importance of a pre-shot routine. Here's my question. How does the ever-desired in-to-out swing-path (with a resulting draw) factor into the aim. Is the amount of my in-to-out swing-path angle essentially irrelevant as long as the clubface is square to the target at impact?

  7. I'm a 4 handicap and I found if I put my right foot a little behind my left and aim a little right it helps my swing long as my left pant seam is aiming where I want the ball to go it goes there.its unconventional but it's always worked for me.i basically tought myself through trial and error!

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