The BEST FORGIVING Irons of 2021!

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The BEST FORGIVING Irons of 2021! In this video I use some of the best forgiving irons of 2021, often forgiving irons are defined as mid handicap irons and I for one even fall foul of discussing them like that in this very video… what are the best irons of 2021? the best forgiving irons of 2021? the best mid handicap irons fo 2021? the best forgiving irons of 2021? in todays video we play golf with Taylormade irons, Callaway irons and it is an iron only video… you will see part 2 over on @Chris Dennis Golf channel. are we using the Taylormade P790? Taylormade P770? Taylormade P7MC irons? Callaway Apex Irons? Callaway Apex Pro irons? Callaway APEX DCB irons? lets find out exactly what we think the most forgiving irons of 2021 really are… and let's do it now!

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Ian McMillan says:

It's amazing how much time we dedicate to thinking about clubs. I'm as guilty as anyone but if we only invested as much effort into getting better at the game, irrespective of clubs, handicaps would tumble. Equipment choices are fun though 😭

Darren Hewitt says:

Currently using some old Mizuno JPX800HD’s… some old school forgiving irons which have been great. Now in the market for some new irons

Cody Mulcahy says:

It’s nuts but I use Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear gb 730 system 4-9 iron, they’re a hand me down from my dad and are my first full size irons after growing out of my jnr sets. I can’t find much about them but I think golden bear was as budget brand. I think they were made in 2004, and I think dad paid $800 aud for them brand new. They’re nickel stainless, so not forged, but they feel great, they’re relatively forgiving, but I can still manipulate the flight. I can’t find a fault in performance, just sometimes a bit embarrassed to say I use golden bears.

Matthew Lemon says:

Still playing an old set of Ap2 712 as a 9 handicapper. Would need to be a very nice set for decent price to consider switching out. My friend just got a set of either the black p790 or 70 and I'm not very impressed. He only got 5-9 and while the 5 goes near as far as my 3 there is too much gap between irons for me.

david pannell says:

Great stuff guys, as usual. Deff hoping to give myself a Xmas present of new irons. Always fancied some TaylorMades

ThePorschetim says:

770 or 790 for 30 handicaper

gjgjgjgj1100 says:

Good video, making golf easier with forgiving clubs is right on.

Ally Kelly says:

Only just got the takomo 201s, not got them on the course yet but the feel immense at the range.

Chris Ecky says:

Last week I received my titleist t200s,, had a couple o rounds and love em already,, lovely feel lovely looking club and my mates are now jealous,, Happydays

R Gurgie says:

Currently using the Callaway X2 Hots, was fitted for the Apex 21's 3 weeks ago, waiting on those still. For me it was down to the i210, Apex 21 & Cobra King Forged Tec. Ended up with the Apex 21's, KBS C-taper lite 115g stiff shaft & Golfpride MCC Plus 4 Midsize grips.

Daryl Hoskins says:

Have the Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal , with Recoil. Graphite Shafts!

Rhize says:

Tour soft, nxt tour, pro trajectory, tour action, hot metal pro, x hot pro, white hot pro, pro S/L, 0311T (tour), s3 pro, ping tour, DG tour issue, 'pro only'. They all use pro and tour to sell us more stuff. It's a tried and tested method. Some of these products are more aimed at pro's than others. It's just marketing.

Allan Pitman says:

Currently have Cobras but I intend to step up to Ping G425 max's based on your review James

Jake Medina says:

I have irons that aren’t forgiving and aren’t for my game I have Mizuno mp-60’s and I’m about to get a set of sub 70 699 4-pw

Daz Painter says:

Ive had a 20 year break and to get back in i got a full set of HB launcher hybred in 18 months ive been cut 20 shots so wanted a game improvement iron and have orderd the sim2 max only because the callawy set will take 4months plus to arive! Have i made a mistake? Keep an eye on ebay for a new set of sim2 max HAHAHA

Allan Pitman says:

I paused this vid and i think it will be the Callaways and the Pings.
Let;s see !!
Cheers ..

Jay Hales says:

When people look at my bag they see all hybrids 12° to 51° then a 58° CBX2 and Smart Sole C wedges

Gary Davis says:

Oh, and Chris is an incredible putter. A pleasure to watch.

Gary Davis says:

Never liked the P790. Hard feel. Softest irons I’ve tried are P760 and i210. I wanted forged, but was concerned I couldn’t play P760. I’m going with Mizuno Jpx 921 Forged.

Kevin Connolly says:

after trying all the new stuff yesterday i found the Cobra forged tec to be better than the rest

Lindsay Newell says:

I feel personally attacked by James at 9:15. I’ve been playing x16s since ~2005 and may just have to keep them in the bag for another year to spite him 🤣

S K says:

Got my 21 APEX Pro w/ Project X IO 6.0 -2 degrees on release date. Absolutely improved my accuracy.

Terry Miller says:

Just added t100 s irons to the bag and they are amazing. 6.0 rifle and t200 5 iron and 4 iron with a graphite design in it.

Brycen S Golf says:

I use miura 001 blades only thru 7 irons rest are MC not forgiving at all but I can strike em well enough to keep em in a seriousness shoulda went for p7mc but I got the miuras for 600$ 4 rounds played so I can sell if it doesn’t tickle me right.

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