How to build Speed for Junior golfers, and Everyone Else!

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Jack Gains 12 mph clubhead speed By more fully utilizing his arms for the first time.

This was shot on day two at the Be Better Golf School where we saw Be Better Golfers make great gains including a lot of dramatic swing speed increases like this one. One of our Be Better Golfers ?️‍♀️ that came back this year won his Club Championship in Southampton, UK and even shot a lower score than the gross flight. Now his goal is to win the scratch championship.
Also we had a Mother and son who were beginning ?️‍♀️Golfers and made huge strides and had a lot of fun together.
Thanks to Mike Bender, Dan Winget, Cheryl Anderson and the staff at the amazing MBGA Lake Mary, the best facility in the world tiger Better at golf.
If you are interested in attending our next golf school in May or June email me at

For more info on reactionary golf, check out Building you a reactionary golf swing at

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jsilva says:

Great video! All kidding aside, use some sunblock, seriously.

O. G. says:

Teaching a tall player distance? I'd like to see them take a shorter player and see what happens. Of course a tall kid will get distance.

Axel Junkermann says:

Creating speed only with the right arm is the exact opposite of the therory Paul Wilson is teaching ( and he hits the ball 300 y with the age of 54). So, who´s right?

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

Excellent video. That's me all day long! Very eye-opening. Thanks for sharing

Ken Royal says:

Great speed lesson. Great attitude, too. Nice combination. Thanks.

Bernd Dreilich says:

Very interesting to watch how Jacks mental part of keeping control over his ballflight is like a wall that is keeping him away from letting it it all go and unleash the „beast“ and potential he has got. Clear to see that with a wider arc and power from the right arm there’s more than 110 mph possible! Keep up the work Jack!

mary fenton says:

Really great video on creating speed…

Rexx Engineering says:

As far as I know, the device doesn't measure spin. It just uses radar to measure clubhead speed and ball speed. You choose which club you are using and input the loft. When you hit, the device reports clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor (the ratio of the two) and a calculated carry distance. When I have the same ball speed and loft as in the video, I am getting at least 15 yards less carry. In the real world, spin would be an explanation, but this device doesn't measure spin.

Bobson Duggnut says:

1.27 smash on the 114mph swing? ?

Andy V says:

Having fun at driving range hitting it hard as you can is probably good practice try hit over 250 target on full push your self

Andy V says:

A slow swing speed hitting it easy is 103mph for me hitting it normal is 107mph it's like you have to hit shots hard all time for practice then should bring normal swing speed up

Inthegreenetv says:

He seemed like he was to tense.He needs to be lose in the arms on his back swing. The long drive guys will tell you to be lose, and even some of them will tell you to open your mouth and relax to pick up swing speed. I know it sounds crazy but it works. Muscles move faster when your lose and relaxed.

Rexx Engineering says:

I have the same swing caddy device. When i get a ball speed of 135 mph with a swing speed of 93 mph (smash of 1.45), with a 10.5 degree driver loft, it shows only about 218 yards of carry. What am I doing wrong?

Ian Jones says:

Who could have downvoted this?

Nathan Cates says:

Do Tony (and you) advocate the SuperSpeed Golf training with a radar to work on speed? I got them a year or so ago and just dusted them off. They seem to have helped when I got on my gc2 the speeds were up. Just wondered if you guys have used them/tried them and wondered what your thought of them. I know you like training aids, so that might be something to look into and review. Maybe like a before or baseline session and then an after with results after a month or two.

Patrick Miller says:

He has nice swing but he gets the club back in front of him really fast which severely limits the amount of speed he can build up before impact. There is no one in the world swinging 120+ that gets the club in front of their body that fast:

Martin Mieden says:

What a great vid. Once the snow melts up here in NJ will be working on this

Dakota Girolamo says:

I would like to just suggest that jack just have his stance a little wider great swing just a wider base

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