How to Create A Good Coil In The Backswing

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amfohr says:

I think the idea of coil is good. This drill is a bit the lazy man's approach in the sense that you comfortably use you whole weight to balance on top of the right leg to create resistance. That is NOT happening in the real swing and also not wanted. For the coil feeling it is great tho. So besides the coil feel you still need to learn how to create resistance in the right leg. I think this created by pressure and using anti rotational muscle resistance in the upper leg, glute area.

Lionel MO says:

Hello Andy, What a drill I did it whole day today. As you say it is the most fantastic drill to have a good back swing not only that it gives an insight to what I have been doing wrong.

Ian Barnwell says:

Andy, has had me doing this drill, boy it's hard but very effective.

C. ST. says:

My back swing started getting ridiculously long and I couldn't figure out how to get it back to where it 'was'.  My hips were rotating too much.  Thanks for this drill guys, has me back to playing better golf. Cheers!

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