How To Hit Your Driver For Beginners! Easy Tips! 🔥 #shorts

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Tom says:

Hit up on the ball. But swing down on it 😂😂

Geetar man says:

Point your 3rd left toe 17 1/2 degrees away from the sun depending on the time of day(see link for chart and equations) raise your right elbow 3/8s of an inch above your left elbow bend your left ankle until you feel a slight discomfort then immediately push into your lower calf with full rotation. Hold for 3 seconds before your backswing then repeat on your follow through

Sean Cudahy says:

Definitely harbor pines

Jeff says:

Hitting driver off my front left heel as a lefty sounds like bad advice

TdawgTV says:

Mate this video helped me so much can you do one for 5 hybrid, 3 wood and 3 iron

Jan Kotnik says:

thanks this video helped

june5291 says:

Harbor pines ?

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