The Only Driver Lesson You'll Ever Need

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Joanne L. Stevens says:

Excellent video

Daquan Waters says:

Oh wow I live down the road from you and new to golf! But your videos are SO helpful!! Hope i can catch you on the course one day to fatigue my shot!

Lex Fowell says:

Thanks clay,nice one

Daniel Beliles says:

I am literally doing everything wrong that you say!!!! Great video! Thank you

RigFit says:

Very informative. I appreciate the vid bro ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ

Dr OnePocket says:

Redo the video with a TSR3 ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr OnePocket says:

I just moved to central Florida, havenโ€™t played anything north of Orlando yet.


Never realized my trailing elbow was higher than my front (because of my right hand placement) on setup until I actually paid attention……thanks for all the tips Clay! Great Vid! Subbed and liked!

Shane Deel says:

Tee it high and pop fly

Benjamin Vary says:

Thank you Clay. You fixed my drive, and hence my whole game. You succeeded where all the others failed (or did i :D). Either way, thank you very much. You won a subscriber.

Toyang Toyang says:

Bagai mana cara memegang grip seperti. Tiger wood

Crv Dutch says:

Best online instruction thus farโ€ฆ.his attention to detail is second to none

Sparky says:

It's just a weird feeling for me to try to get rotation of the core when my feet are wider apart and I'm on an upwards angle with my torso.

Brad Lawler says:

I wanted to thank you for a great lesson the fly rod movement has changed my entire swing and I was an 8 handicap thank you again added 50 yards to my driver

Brad Lawler says:

Holy smokes added 35 yards thanks brother

Golf Dad68 says:

You don't even know how this video changed my are amazing ๐Ÿ˜

Fred Boudreaux says:

Wish i saw this 25 yrs ago

Travis Motter says:

I shoot around 78-82 and still take a lot from your videos Clay. Appreciate the content brother!!!

Joshua hanes says:

im gonna just throw this out there…. chapstick

eddie b says:

Great video. I have incorporated your tips and definitely see improvement. One thing I do not hear you talk talk about is the optimal distance you should standing from the ball with your club, particularly the driver. I found out that I was standing too far back ( thinking that was a more powerful stance). When I moved in though my contact and swing plane was 100% better.

barb sheehan says:

I love this drill — I am a lefty playing right handed and find it frustrating but too long to change.
Do you know anyone in MN who could help me with this?

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