The Only Driver Lesson You'll Ever Need

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Joanne L. Stevens says:

Excellent video

Daquan Waters says:

Oh wow I live down the road from you and new to golf! But your videos are SO helpful!! Hope i can catch you on the course one day to fatigue my shot!

Lex Fowell says:

Thanks clay,nice one

Daniel Beliles says:

I am literally doing everything wrong that you say!!!! Great video! Thank you

RigFit says:

Very informative. I appreciate the vid bro 💯💪🏾

Dr OnePocket says:

Redo the video with a TSR3 🙂

Dr OnePocket says:

I just moved to central Florida, haven’t played anything north of Orlando yet.


Never realized my trailing elbow was higher than my front (because of my right hand placement) on setup until I actually paid attention……thanks for all the tips Clay! Great Vid! Subbed and liked!

Shane Deel says:

Tee it high and pop fly

Benjamin Vary says:

Thank you Clay. You fixed my drive, and hence my whole game. You succeeded where all the others failed (or did i :D). Either way, thank you very much. You won a subscriber.

Toyang Toyang says:

Bagai mana cara memegang grip seperti. Tiger wood

Crv Dutch says:

Best online instruction thus far….his attention to detail is second to none

Sparky says:

It's just a weird feeling for me to try to get rotation of the core when my feet are wider apart and I'm on an upwards angle with my torso.

Brad Lawler says:

I wanted to thank you for a great lesson the fly rod movement has changed my entire swing and I was an 8 handicap thank you again added 50 yards to my driver

Brad Lawler says:

Holy smokes added 35 yards thanks brother

Golf Dad68 says:

You don't even know how this video changed my are amazing 😍

Fred Boudreaux says:

Wish i saw this 25 yrs ago

Travis Motter says:

I shoot around 78-82 and still take a lot from your videos Clay. Appreciate the content brother!!!

Joshua hanes says:

im gonna just throw this out there…. chapstick

eddie b says:

Great video. I have incorporated your tips and definitely see improvement. One thing I do not hear you talk talk about is the optimal distance you should standing from the ball with your club, particularly the driver. I found out that I was standing too far back ( thinking that was a more powerful stance). When I moved in though my contact and swing plane was 100% better.

barb sheehan says:

I love this drill — I am a lefty playing right handed and find it frustrating but too long to change.
Do you know anyone in MN who could help me with this?

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