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Trying to ‘hold lag' in your downswing could actually be the worst thing for you and your game.

Many golfers attempt to do this to increase speed and power, but there are some mistakes that you can easily fall into.

Chris Ryan shows you exactly how to hold lag and crush your irons and how this may be different from what you have done before



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Jeremy Bader says:

so unbelievably helpful as usual Chris, thank you

Tabb Tabb says:

Thanks for this. Great

David Harrold says:

Seldom taught, but completely correct!!! Insightful video.

Steve Kanaracus says:

Thanks so mcuh Chris. Your explanation is on target and once you execute the wrist release and maintain left arm rotation begin to sense how chesst roatation and pushin ff the back foot squares the face. Full leeft arm rotation requires a full release of the left wrist

Jon Horvat says:

What a great explanation, awesome job

Johnny Bravo says:

What I really struggle with conceptually is that maintaining forearm rotation means the face is open to the swing for longer. When to close? Should it feel like a snap shut?

kidpoker007 says:

Basically like a flat or even bowed left wrist

Greg Martin says:

Back to hitting a tight draw. Thank you!

WallShark Products Corporation says:

A much different feeling, But what I’m doing isn’t working so I need something different. Thanks for the drill Chris

Glenn Burlin says:

Excellent dick… I MEAN drill! 😂

Je K says:

wow, this is one thing I have been struggling with. I let the club go with my hip turn. everything is good but i have to turn my hip super fast to have fast swing speed as i don't care much about lag. still i am a decent ball hitter but ball doesn't go too far. your video just taught me HOW i let the club go with my hip turn. thanks a ton.

Richard Jourdain says:

Thanks, great video

Nick Lee says:

Did not help!!!


Very well explained!!

john carilli says:

Really improved my ball striking. I have been working on my wrist position at the top but with the addition of the lead arm ROTATION in the downswing really increases my speed and contact and was the missing part to consistent ball striking. Chris, your lessons are really valuable! Thanks once again, God Bless!

R2d2 says:

Modern instructors dont tespect the importance of lead arm. Classical golf instruction followed by likes of Tiger , Niclaus, taught by Toski place lot of importance on lead arm control and prominence in golf swing

Mike M says:

Luv your vids. Can I ask a silly question. At set up, do you focus on the back of the ball, the front of the ball or where the divot might start – my eyes are confused. Cheers

Rafael Gonzalez says:

Hi Chris, now that a lot of us are staying home, can you please post some drills for those of us with practice nets?

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