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In this video learn how to make a golf swing speed training aid and then use it at home or in the garden to help develop more speed and better sequencing to hit those bombs.

Learn golf at home during lockdown. Improve your basic set up or technique with all shots covered during this series.


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Patrick Van der Linden says:

Hi Steve I love your aid. It is simple and it works very wel.l I also use a 3/4 inch double braide rope. Everything you demonstate is great, when i see that the underbody tows the upperbody than the arms and hands. then the towel. Why do you stop at two arms straight. When i swing my left arm is close to my left breast it only comes uo at the end at the finish. When i look at pictures of great golfers like Ben Hogan they still have connected their left arm and left brest almost till theu finish.

Roger Moores says:

Why not full balanced finish?

Michael Kim says:

Wow. Good stuff 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Deepak Sharma says:

Great golf aid. Love it

Dirty_Spikes says:

I was using a 3’ piece of towing chain with a metal clasp on the end to try this….but the towel is sooo much less bruising….I like it!

John Lyons says:

You've got it Mate.

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