Simple Fixes For Golf Driver DISTANCE & ACCURACY

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0331 says:

I lost my slice. I found the dead straight left pull shot. I swear I’m not coming over the top but I must be somehow

Glenn O'neal says:

Clay what do ya think about when you’re about to drive? I feel like I’m thinking about multiple things at once

TyrantRex says:

Man, Foresight has a nice scam going with the GCQuad. $18,000 vs $300 to be a few yards and a couple mph more exact.

Tan eddy says:

Clay, may l know what is the flex of your driver ?

jesse hale says:

I watched this video a few days ago and played later on, I will say this, although I didn't play well, there were several balls I just CRUSHED. I wish those crushed shots weren't my putts,

Adam Grym says:

…not overly technical, sorry….

Adam Grym says:

Clay is a super constructive, eloquent and overly "technical" instructor, surely one of the best on the market! Thank for adjusting, improving my many swing issues! And yes, that beard was not good as somebody pointed out… πŸ™‚

Tasmlm Bell says:

Great Video β›³πŸ‘
Will work on This Friday πŸ‘Œ Close Set Upp!!!

elias el khoury says:

Hi Clay what app are you using on your ipad please .Great video

Lynn Marble says:

So I watched this end to end on Saturday–played on Sunday and improved by 13 strokes! I hit every fairway:) Just wanted to say thank you.

BrentoftheUTube says:

5:20, if I only had a dream

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