How to Play Amen Corner with Tiger Woods

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James Smith says:

I got tiger woods pga 14 on ps3.

Before I played that game i would have no idea what he's talking about.

Now that I have played Augusta alot I know exactly what he is talking about.

Silas Leeks says:

It's interesting because when you play Augusta National on a video game, Amen Corner is exactly how he described it!! The tee shot on 13 is no joke even on a game!!

Hack to Scratch golf says:

Tiger 500 yards is not a par 4 for most people

D S says:

The worst thing to happen to pro golf was the allowance of metal woods. All woods should be "wood" and if so these courses would not have to be lengthened so much. Nicklaus would have won 25 majors had he played with these metal weapons, cone on.

Adam Barnett says:

I love these holes. 13 is my favorite hole in all of golf. But 15 and 16 decide the golf tournament. Both phenomenal holes in their own right, and closer to the finish line. The 2nd shot on 15 is huge, could be a 2 or 3 shot swing. And 16, 2able as it is, will punish a bad miss. Another 1 or 2 shot swing available. Amen corner is great, you can lose it there. But 15 and 16 are where green jackets are won.

Phil Douglas says:

Nice of Tiger to take from his time to explain these things to us. Very very interesting perspectives.

Andrew Mitchell says:

That grass doesn’t even look real

Soso Mama says:

I’ve always wondered why people mostly win this tournament only once. Sometimes a person will win it last year, then, not make the cut this year.

This explains a lot.

Thanks Auguster.

Soso Mama says:

This was nice. Thanks.

jehst' says:

Listen to the commentary imagining he's talking about beautiful women. It rings true.

Dick Pound says:

That's a greasy hole.

Hussein Gibril says:

My 2018 Masters champion, Tiger Woods!

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