HOW TO RELEASE THE GOLF CLUB – Hand Release VS Body Rotation Release

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In this video we discuss how to release the golf club for better consistency! Do we release the club via a hand release, or do we release the club via a body rotation release?



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Kevin Murphy says:

Excellent- just excellent instruction— thanks soooo much

Tao that can be Told says:

Excellent video. I am getting instructed by my current pro who is telling me to do that exact hand release to fix my occassional slices citing Lydia Ko as an example.
My good swing is a slight over the top with slight fade that travels far with good amount of backspin. With more body release than hand release as I hold my wrists firm through impact. I lost my swing for couple of years trying to generate extra speed with hand release before.
I am taking lessons to increase my consistency and even before watching this video I felt unease that maybe my consistency will decrease following this hand release instruction. Looks like I won't be following through with this lessons.

Dentalcoverage4u says:

Everyone loves Fred Couples swing. 🤷‍♂️

Jos den Hartog says:

Most asked question from golf students: “how can I become more consistent?”; My reaction:”Hands are there to hold the club, the body dictates the swing. The least independent moving parts give the best repeatable results!” Perfectly explained and totally agree with your view! 🙏🏌️‍♂️⛳️🏌️‍♀️

denis guinan says:

Well done, the old swing versus the modern swing fully and clearly explained

bobwhite2 says:

Pros are body release

touristguy87 says:

1-swing the club
2-while swinging the club, open your hands

James Finnerty says:

I think you made a mistake at 8:37, saying "and weight 90 percent on your back leg", whereas I think you meant to say 90% on your front leg, which is then consistent with what you show in text at 8:42. Clearly there is no point where weight should be 90% on the back leg at any point in the swing. You might be able to fix that with a text comment at 8:37 saying what you meant to say.

Antti Olkinuora says:

Thank you! Finally getting away from 90s legacy issues

Brewster Block Google says:

Great video about 2 release patterns. I am trying to create more of the body turn. When you show the old style you show a square club is pointing straight up in the backswing when parallel to the ground. For the body release you quickly show it as parallel to the spine angle. Could you do a video (maybe you have) that compares each old and new showing the club head lets say 1) at 1/4 backswing; 2) 1/2 way parallel to ground; 3) 3/4 swing; and finally 4) at the top but at each step show 1st the old club position and then the new one in comparison. I always had difficulty when instructors try to say where the face should point when the club is SQUARE, OPEN or CLOSED. Maybe you could show this using a mirror which is the only way many of us can see real time the 3rd and 4th positions. Thanks

anthony phipps says:

40 yrs of lessons and swinging into a smash bag trying to get the toe there first, no woner i am now crap and suffer with terrible golfers elbow, the advent of high speed cameras and flightscope have made such a difference the trouble is i am to old now, the body release was allways the way forward the trouble is we didnt know at the time, god, i wish i was 40yrs younger. lol.

neil horsfield says:

Love your videos,make so much sense,im 67 and play off 4 and was taught the old way which was ok if your timing was good but now using the big muscles and way more consistent under pressure…keep the videos coming…regards neil

Scott Hendrickson says:

@JChownGolf is some of the best golf content instruction on YouTube. His explanations are simple and the drills proposed directly relate to the skill being explained. Thanks @JChownGolf and keep the great golf content coming!

Richard Howe says:

This guy is a really good golf instructor. I have learned a great deal from him. Will likely purchase his more in-depth coaching videos.

Tony Rinaldo says:

Do you take to club back with your body swinging arms or do you take the club back with your arms and let your body turn with the club going back ?

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