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Trying to keep your left arm straight? Is your thumb or wrist bothering you? As people learn to properly release the club one of the things that I've seen people do is try to keep the left arm rigid. Here are my thoughts on what could be happening.

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11 thoughts on “Release the Club / Left Arm Rotates and Folds / Malaska Golf

  1. Mike can you do a longer video on this.

    I believe I have a huge problem with this.

    I am a natural lefty that swings right handed and my left(lead) arm takes over my shot. Stays straight all the way through(for the most part) and I can’t seem to figure this out.

  2. dumb stuff, cant feel the release with thumb on shaft.
    if your good you hook it and has to have a held off the release.
    if your an amateur your slice it by over rotating.
    One of many ignorant golf gurus out on youtube

  3. I found out if I hold it off I get a slice if I rotate the arms I tend to get the right over left and snap hook the ball. Do I want to keep my trail forearm under my lead forearm?

  4. Another good Mike. I also love it when you pay respect in some of your videos to the greatest player in history, Jack Nicklaus. How so called better methods are just different names for things Jack did 40 years ago. One example is the reverse "C" finish, pushing off your left side. Now they call it using ground forces. As you say why isn't what the master did good now.

  5. That folding seems to be facilitated when the lead hip clears. If the hip blocks, the rotation and folding of that lead arm is impaired….IMO. Right?

  6. That’s a issue in my swing I’m always wondering about. Believe me! I’m not able to fold my left arm up when releasing the club. Both hands stay totally straight and rotate around my body. Any clue?!?

  7. Signed up for the Malaska App recently and it’s helping me improve in leaps and bounds. I’ve only been playing for about a year, but the technique changes I’ve made to my grip alone has already added 13 yards to my 7 iron.

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