How To Square The Clubface Consistently At Impact (BEST DRILLS!)

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This video is about How To Square The Clubface Consistently At Impact For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner!
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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Joe Perez says:

Dustin Johnson appears to be straightening his right wrist a bit earlier then John Rahm. I thought that at impact the right wrist should still be bent.

FX2 says:

Great tip! I tried your tips this morning and was pleasantly surprised at the results of the ball flight and sound at impact. Thanks!

greg papa says:

31 years ago we were at the super bowl in Miami

slicksr says:

Best teacher on YouTube!

Brett Burgeson says:

Adam what type of wireless mic do you use? I am needing a good one and yours always sounds clean

Garry Wilcox says:

Great lesson Adam I'm a long time viewer between you and Danny Maude and top speed golf I've gone from a plus 100 golfer to a mid 80's and I've even scored in the 70's twice this year mostly by working on grip and squaring the club face. Thank you for all you help.

DON C MO says:

Thank You. ✏️?

W R Butler says:

Great tip! I can’t wait to use this. How do I apply this concept to my driver, though? If I ‘press’ and de-loft my driver I won’t get the ball off the ground!

K Switch says:

great teaching

Garth Buck says:

Adam, your videos are simple and easy to follow. Even better, the drills work! I practise this drill regularly and it sure does help. Thx a million from New Zealand 🙂

Keith Gunn says:

I open the face slightly when at impact position so really need to learn what slightly closed feels like

Jeff Smith says:


Why not preset the club face at address instead of trying to twist the face during the swing? Seems like we’re guessing how much to twist the club face in a very short period of time.

Erik Pels says:

Very useful drills. Thank you and best regards from Amstelveen

Larry Vawter says:

Had major issues in squaring the club . I figured out I was hinging the wrists way to much . I corrected by making an attempt not to do this . My average score was over 100 and better . I using your drills and others I recently hit an 88 . Thanks for your help

Charles Harrison says:

Once again another excellent video on a key part of the golf swing. It is all about club face control, the better you are at that the better you will strike the golf ball. I always enjoy watching your videos and learn an awful lot from these.

Dakota Lake says:

Hi Adam, I am confused… in a previous video I watched, you talked about having flexible wrists as to whip a wet leaf off the club and here you talk about having strong stiff wrists at impact. Can you help? Thank you

brenden mccolman says:

My problem since learning de-lofting the club, is pulling the ball. So from pushing often, to pulling. I do believe more time at the range will eventually fix my issue. But it's awful some rounds trying to compensate constantly.

Anthony Lennen says:

Adam I will see you in person in just about four weeks. Watching those videos where the pros turn those knuckles down is pretty revealing. I've NEVER thought about that, so it will be interesting to see how you can help me. This is probably why I can shoot scores like 45-34 because when my timing's good I can play; when it's not, not so much. Never too old to learn though, right.

jw228w says:

good video
should i just start by trying to hit shots that are straight,with no ball curvature in flight?

Don Dasher says:

I was baffled by this when I first started…..I have been playing for 6 years now and learned from the beginning via lessons and thought processes like this. My game is always improving and I use the Winter months up here in KY to work on my game via lessons and time on the range practicing those feels. Club face control was my issue early on but because that skill was emphasized in the beginning I can do it easier now. (I would try and shape my shots even though I was told not too worry about that yet ?. )
Now as I play often in men’s leagues and other events I can shape my shots better than most and perform those shots that require thought. Punching out of trees, driving with a fade, wind, water, low punch cut out of trees and shaping punch shots around bunkers while in trees….I’m in the trees allot I guess! Hahahaha flop shots, high over the top of trees or shaping the shot around a tree that so close it feels odd to swing across your body…..I love the art of those shots.
Seriously, that’s just a few skills that many people I see don’t have. I love the science behind golf shots and as you pay attention to the data (during lessons) from the flight monitors you start to really understand the feel of a toe, heel, high or low shot. That translates to understanding what the face was doing in relation to the feel I had.
I know it’s a long winded post but I can’t tell you how many times my buddies say things like “grip it and rip it” and at the end of the day they say golf sucks or why do I play this game? Hahahaha they can play better but are afraid to change, learn and be instructed by a golf pro. I love a challenge so once I see another shot I need in my bag I practice it over and over and over.
I still early extend just a tad but have improved tremendously via video and lessons. Watching myself now having a wider backswing to a narrow downswing is so rewarding….that clean delofted shot feels amazing! I understand lag and release so much more now……getting time on Robo golf blew my mind. I never thought I would see my hands in front of the ball and head behind the ball at impact. I guess all I’m saying is it resonates with me to hear about clubface control and I still do these drills Adam shows here. ?? thanks for the video!

RogerR0305 says:

Very useful drills that I practiced right away this afternoon. Thank you and best regards from Singapore

cujo6970 says:

Perfect timing for this tip. This is exactly what I realized this year that I need to fix.

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