How To Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

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How To Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

11 thoughts on “How To Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

  1. Hi Bryson, I appreciate you responding to my last comment regarding the Tee Claws (picked some up, they’re great!). Quick question. I thought I’ve heard you talk about “pulling down” with the hands during the transition of the downswing but can’t find the video where you reference it. What’s the feeling of your hands in transition from the top to the downswing?

  2. He is missing the most important point, hand eye coordination ?. Many players have to practice really hard for repeatable tempo and posture. This guy is lifting his left leg and jump backward on impact. Nobody else does that. That's is a awesome skill to have. I am not sure if everyone can do that consistently.

  3. Great video Bryson. Can you go into more detail about creating more force into the handle. It’s the first time I’ve heard someone talk about the handle in the golf swing. I see the likes of Cameron Champ talk about the slingshot and handle force / pressure must be the key to this?

  4. Hey Bryson, I'm almost exactly the same size as you. 6'2 237lbs & former D1 athlete. I've been using one length & your style swing for 4 years. I am 40 years old and in decent shape but not stellar, is more speed than my current 114-116, feasible at my age? Love the videos man!

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