The Senior Driver Setup That Will Outdrive Your Buddies

See how senior golfers increase distance and outdrive their buddies with these senior driver setup tips from Todd Kolb!

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In this golf lesson, you will learn 3 easy senior driver tips that will have you hitting longer drives than you thought were possible.

Learn more about the Vertical Line Golf Swing:

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11 thoughts on “The Senior Driver Setup That Will Outdrive Your Buddies

  1. Todd and group. Thank you for all you guys(and gals?) do for us flogging amateurs. This session has been one of the best ever. Now the line and the plane compliment each other which makes tempo and timing much easier to achieve.

  2. Dear Todd, I am an avid follower of your channel and I would love to get my hands on a Vertical Line Board.

    I have tried several times to purchase a VLB online, but the product does not ship to South Africa.

    Is there way that this can be arranged? I have bought several items from the USA before, and I know that UPS couriers items to South Africa.


  3. Interesting. Makes me think. If a 60 years old get better results setting up his body like this . Then Why wont it also benefit a 20 years old ?. Honestly asking.

  4. Quite simply the best driver tip for a 53 year old ever. You have finally made it ok to be an 'experienced' golfer, thank you Todd. Enjoying the game SO much more now, Simon, Southampton, England

  5. Todd – your online lessons have been invaluable. Once again, many thanks for all you and your staff do to help us amateurs succeed in our golf adventure. I am still hopeful that even at my advanced age and my diminutive physical stature I can still play to a low handicap. Some may say there's no fool like an old fool but with my history of athletics, I still believe in myself. I will keep you apprized from time to time of my progress. Keep 'em coming guys. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

  6. Hey Todd. Scott from Evansville IN. Age 65. From watching and practicing your tips I’ve dropped my HC from an 18 to a 7.4 this year. (To be honest- most of the scores are on my local muni’s which are not very difficult. But still-I’m playing the best golf of my life- thanks to you!! I feel super comfortable with every club in my bag except the Driver! When in a groove it feels great- but I often lose tempo or concentration During a round and the swing just feels terrible! Part of it is too many swing thoughts for sure! Lately- Im feeling uncertain about where to put my arms and hands? Extend the lead arm straight out to the ball or let the arms hang down and lower the club (I’ve got short arms)! How about the hands? With the ball on the front toe- need to move hands forward to align with ball? Or is it ok to have hands behind ball a bit with the D? Thx! You’re the greatest and know that I’ve referred at least a dozen other golfers to you that I’ve met on the course.

  7. I have a compact takeaway and I still drive 200 +. I use a baseball grip with my driver, that seems to work best for me. I have tried your grip in the fingers with the pinky overlap and that seems to work well. I’m just inconsistent. My handicap dropped to 10 but still mostly a bogey golfer. I think my short game suffers from hands forward and not much wrist action. I’m just not getting up and down enough

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