How to Swing a Golf Club // Being Basic with Paige Beginner Golfer Series

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Next up in my Being Basic with Paige golf basics instructional series is FULL SWING! We've been through all the things you need to get prepared – now it's time to actually get hitting. This is a beginners tutorial for people who have never hit a golf ball before (or have only hit a few times), although more intermediate players might get a few good tips out of it as well.


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Etchasaw 1903 says:

Looks like pinnacle peak in the back 🙂

Doris Heard says:

Great video. It reinforced what my trainer told me today

Drew Pitcher says:

How do I make a ball go left around a corner?

steve gaines says:

so beautiful…..& talented….

steve tardif says:

You have my allll attention !!!! 🙂

Nicole Parreira says:

Getting back into golf after playing a lot in my early childhood through high school, hadn’t touched a club in ten years. I needed exactly this video! Can’t wait to watch more, Paige! So happy I found your channel. Thanks for doing this.

Donald Stanton says:

This is so awesome and helpful ?

jose alvarez says:

Gres You are Prety & talentudo Thak you!

Jan Robertson says:

Thanks coach Paige! Really helpful tips and very much appreciated!

Rusty-ole-boomstick says:

Most underrated instructor. I am new sub. Great information.

pinkeeluvr says:

Guys this is a really dumb question but I’ve never golfed and really want to try it. Do I have to buy all the equipment or can you rent the equipment at most golf courses? Also are pants restricting as a woman when you hit the ball? Just wondering because I see most women wear skirts. Thank you!

Inday&Khobee RubioRacho says:

Thanks for the information ma'am

Ray-Ray Blackman says:

i'm beginner

Jack dull says:

Maybe Lexi Thompson needs to take a look at this video after her disastrous final round at the US open last Sunday.

골미남 Golf MiNam says:

i m going to take a good look!!!! thx for make this vdo 🙂

Bradford Hudgins says:

Awesome video! I picked up golf about 3 months ago and this Being Basic series is legit! Thanks!

bubba steel says:

Pause & toss. Lol

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