How to Drop the Club Into the Slot for a Powerful Swing….with shameless self promo

Dropping the club into the slot will create pain-free power and accuracy while also eliminating your over the top swing and slicing issues. Watch this video, then grab your 9 iron and go to the range where you will start to hit some solid draws…then, sign up for my school and I'll guide you through the rest of your bag quicker than you can say Over The Top No More….


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26 thoughts on “How to Drop the Club Into the Slot for a Powerful Swing….with shameless self promo

  1. Jim , I’m 66 years old and started following you on YouTube a year ago . I can honestly say that I’ve never golfed this good or had as much fun golfing . Its in the stillness and holding the position , that makes it easier and more fun

  2. Jim, this is the best, easiest to understand, video on how to drop the club into the slot for an effective inside-out swing. I'm going to try it, and, finally end my over-the-top swing. Thanks!

  3. I have followed your videos for some time and having pretty good success with the closed shoulders thought. However I have never seen any of your thoughts on bunker play and how to use your methods to get out of bunkers .Any tips? Finally on alignment do you have club face square to target line at address?
    Ken Smith

  4. My teaching pro many years ago called this "separation". He emphasized that the shoulders and arms move independently of each other. He had me do a drill where I'd turn back and then stay there as the arms and club fell . I believe this is what your teaching? Except for setting up closed. Cant wait to try it.

  5. Figured this out on my own. Grip can also influence the club dropping in the slot but this is easier. Thanks for the video. Too many golf videos have guys not telling ppl this.

    I also love the background you hit into. U can see your nice draw in the sky. Pretty cool.

  6. Loving this swing. Makes so much sense. Still hitting my 9.5 Callaway well but wonder if a smaller head with a shorter shaft would allow me to play it more center stance and be more consistent

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