How to Use the Hips in the Golf Swing

Learn more about the Vertical Line Swing here:

Learn how to use the hips in the golf swing, and avoid restricting hip rotation to get a better vertical golf swing!

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10 thoughts on “How to Use the Hips in the Golf Swing

  1. I love the information offered but I have to adjust it for my use when playing from a smi-seated position in SoloRider golf cart. It would be great if you could do a lesson showing the best way for a seated golfer to employ the vertical swing. thanks, glen

  2. I like the fluidity. My biggest problem has always been try to keep everything fixed to stop me lifting my head. This, as with all the other videos, is brilliant. Keep them coming ?? ⛳️

  3. I have always been told I don't get enough lower body movement in my swing but whenever I do try to engage my hips, I try to do what you suggest and I end up chunking the ball or topping it. As soon as I keep my lower body still, I go back to hitting solid (but not far) shots. How can I correct that

  4. Restricting the hips reminds me of the old "X Factor" teaching method, that probably led to more lower back problems than any other type of injury that a golfer can suffer from.

  5. I love the simplicity of your teaching. One thing I would appreciate to hear you teach on is how far from the ball to properly set up. I'm just learning the game and this seems to cause most of my bad shots. I'm not consistent.

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