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In this weeks FIXED IN 60 SECONDS Piers Ward shows a easy drill to help you change your swing path to more In to out

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Michael Judeh says:

Great setup and drill has really got my swing in to out on the Trackman! You guys rock!

Andrew Jones says:

Taking this to the range cheers guys

Kerry Flitter says:

Every fix for over the top seems to say . . . . 'Don't swing over the top' or 'Swing from in to out'
We kind of know you have to swing along the line those sticks make, but we just can't choose to do it.

JBoy says:

Shoulders square to target? Feet slightly open?

Bryan Begley says:

excellent taaa

richard down says:

Hi. I’ve got quite a pronounced in to out swingpath. This works reasonably well with the driver and hybrids but I’m hitting most of my irons off the toe. This oftennproduces a quite debilitating low draw and inconsistent ball flight. Tried standing closer and hitting out to the right but nothing seems to work. Can you suggest any drills to centre my strike please?
Richard Down

Charles Zimmerer says:

Nice shot ! When I do this drill I often hit the shot right no draw or have to flip my hands to make it draw to target… seems that my clubface is open to the right — any suggestion?

Master dent repair says:

Hey guys love the videos big fan and i been watching you for years I was wondering if you can redo this video this is the only video that help me can you please slow it down into more detail take care ps I struggle with over-the-top fat shots and slices i can send a video if you want

Abiram Uday says:

I pull my shot at times and push my shot at times as well. Is there a drill or grip change to cure this? Thanks in advance

JarsofMayo says:

Hi guys. Love your vids. So I video myself and have a full length mirror in the back yard trying to fix my swing. It's a little flat, but I feel I get into a very good position at the top, but I just can not get the swing under or even with the plane on the way down. I don't think it would cause much trouble to steepen the backswing, but then I might be further above THAT plane… Is there a place i can send you a video?
Desperate in Minnesota

nick Gruffalo says:

hi guys how can I book a coaching sessions with you guys ?

Alan DLC says:

AWESOME!!! I believe thats me! ALAN DLC, thanks for all the work and effort yall put into the videos, i picked up the game 2 years ago and most people tell me i have a pretty good swing given the 2 years of experience, and all that is thanks to yall. THANKS!

Karen Slack says:

Hi guys
In your 60 second fix could you show how to get out of a green side bunker where the sand is really compacted down and feels like standing on cement
Thanks a lot
Keep up the great work

Tobias Simnacher says:

HI Andy and Piers! I´m a golf beginner from germany, and i have to say that i can´t image any better online golf school than yours! You 2 are some super likeable guys, i´m not watching anything else than your videos in my free time at the moment… Keep on doing that awesome work, i appreciate it very much and you definitly help me to improve my game! Greets from germany!

Wicked Wild says:

it's really hard as a beginner golfer to learn how to have a good swing. I tend to hop or move my feet out of position. how can I fix that.

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